We started new OSHW IP Camera design and put our preliminary sources on GitHub because we want to hear from you! Did we forgot something? Can we do something better? It's always good more eyes to see :)

@jybz @olimex yeah it looks more like 65mm by 50mm to me, but maybe the longer dimensions are from a different revision than the render? I'll have to download the design and check it out.

In any case I think the idea is fantastic. IP cameras are all too closed and have garbage firmware and terrible security, so an open solution would be more flexible and secure. If there is an open ONVIF server to put on it that would be perfect (I know of ONVIF client libraries already at least)

@olimex Code on GitHub? Then the code is owned by Microsoft and they can sanction you.

@olimex That is fine and I expected it. But nevertheless I think, one should not use a Microsoft owned git. Microsoft is trying to infiltrade Free Software.

@wromey I understand what do you mean. We do not use Microsoft products. Github is not Microsoft product. It was made from people who love FOSS for people who do FOSS. It just happen to be bought by Microsoft. If we feel something changes for bad we are ready to move away in a heartbeat. Let think logical, Github business model profit from the paid private repos. By hosting FOSS for free they do not make money, but spend money. So the more FOSS is hosted on Github the less money MS makes :)

@olimex But what about the sations against syrians, people from Iran and so on? They could sanction you too, if Bulgaria happens to make something which leades to sanctions from the US. Do you know,what the future bring?

@olimex When ever possible, yes- But why do you not use an self hostet Gitlab?

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