Hi @olimex, great work with the #FreedomBox!

Is there any chance to run a @freedombone image on that same hardware?

/cc @bob

@Shamar @olimex @freedombone As a general rule, if it can run Debian then it can run Freedombone.

@bob @freedombone @olimex

FreedomBone has the net advantage over FreedomBox to support mail.

By reading olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/ I guess that I should try freedombone-main-a20-olinuxino-lime2-armhf.img.xz in freedombone.net/downloads/

Am I right?

@Shamar @freedombone @olimex Yes. Also I expect soon the buster version will be out so if you're beginning with self-hosting it may be better to wait for that because it has a few advantages.
@olimex hmm, interesting, but why is it any better than running software on a computer i already have

@sylveon because it's ARM Low Power and consumes only about 1.5W of energy! Normal computers has 300-500W power supply. Being Low Power allow it to run 4-5 hours on small LiPo battery like having UPS.

@olimex hmm. i do think the software for itwould be better if it had the ability to run an e-mail SERVER and not just client, though i dunno how easy that would be to make "just work" out of the box like everything else does. i do like how it contains a tor relay though, that's really cool.

@sylveon this is exactly what we proposed to FreedomBox developers and guess what? They said it's in their TODO list :)

@olimex ``Olimex’s OLinuXino Open Source Hardware Linux Single Board Computers are natural match for FreedomBox Free Open Source Software.''
How open is this open hardware?
My short story about the Raspberry Pi: when I found out that its processor is capable of decoding many video formats at the hardware level, I was delighted, but later I discovered many obscure things with licenses, versions and properties.

@olimex This part of the processor (GPU) turned out to be closely connected with all the charms such as closed drivers, suspicious blobs, etc. Is it worth mentioning that I still had to purchase licenses for a long time inoperable MPEG-2 patent anyway?

@yrabbit @olimex their website says the board runs blob-free mainline Linux so this is more open than rpi. Not sure if any gpu is included, afaict the use case is for productivity and social networking servers so it should be fine running headless.

``Not sure if any gpu is included''
This is a novelty for me: so far, on the boards that came across to me, the main thing was the GPU, even the boot started with GPU, and the CPU is just a top-notch.
If this isn't the case then they really have reason to declare an open hw platform. It's good👏

@drzaiusx11 @yrabbit
@bootlin did wonderful job by opening the video decoding drivers for Allwinner VPU bootlin.com/blog/allwinner-vpu but FreedomBox is not intended to be video player although hardware is capable. GPU in ARM is not used for MPEG decoding.

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