Has the libremone service gained any traction? I wonder how it’s doing ..ie losing $, breaking even, or making them anything.

Turned off kstatusindicators extension in @gnome :gnome: Going to try the no system tray life...wish me luck.

So can anyone tell me if there is actually a benefit to running apps like Wire or Slack (chose these cuz I use em) in the browser instead of the desktop app? Or the opposite for that matter.

I understand privacy and all. But if you are in the tech fields of any sort. Make sure you understand how important networking on Twitter and Linkedin is to finding good job opportunities..screw FB, but the others are super useful.

Is it me, or do all the mastodon iOS apps bite? Title crashes on me regularly. Just bought and installed toot! And it’s crashing before I can ever log in.

As my memory serves, I don’t think I’ve ever had another iOS app completely crash before. Even betas which I run a few.

Someone guide me to the right app without suggesting Android please.

Installed :fedora: today. The best thing so far is a lot of :elementary: @elementary apps are flatpaks now. Especially the terminal. Makes :gnome: @gnome all that much nicer.

I'm liking Manjaro, but somthing about the look of Plasma I don't like. I think I should do one of the GTK desktops...which one though?...hmm

Looking at @manjarolinux :manjaro: this morning. All the built in support for @snapcraftio is pretty awesome. Switched to the Plasma version this morning.

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I've been trying tootle on iOS. It crahses a lot. What are the iOS users out there using for a Mastodon client?

As far as @pixelfed goes. Can anyone recommend a server? Seems everyone is on pixelfed.social don't know if it's reaching limits yet though. Also is there an iOS client for it?

Have to pause replys to the Windows controversy and get me and the kids ready for the day.

Mention that to the gazillions of Android and Google users.

All fun aside, I use both still. I had to use Windows and get the whole WSL thing down to help classmates in a Cohort I am in.

I’ve been out of the fediverse, what are the other top services these days beyond mastodon.


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