Happy the encounter the Mangrove Pitta (Pitta megarhyncha) while walking at Pasir Ris Park mangrove area, Singapore, on 15 May 2021. It has a lot of pretty colours on its back and belly.

The Mangrove Pitta is listed at Near Threatened on the IUCN List.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/7 ]

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Ah Portugal:

The headline translates:

Police at the EU Social Summit without lunch

Click on the headline and you learn: "An error by the organization of the European Union Social Summit, , taking place this Friday and Saturday in Porto, meant that several policemen had as lunch only a ham sandwich, cakes, a piece of fruit, a juice and water."

I so identify with this!

A shoutout to Mozilla and everyone working on Firefox! Thanks for making this beautiful, open source and privacy friendly browser 🙌

An Ornate Coraltail (Ceriagrion cerinorubellum) I saw perched on an unfolding fern frond. I thought it would make for an interesting photo op. 🙂 Spotted at the Rail Corridor, next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore, on 3 May 2021.

The Ornate Coraltail is a common, small, damselfly.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/7 ]

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Any tips on shortening a thesis for journal publication? What do I do with the lengthy literature review?

Amazing work by Telegram on their new web app! No installation needed and only 400 KB in size! Works on desktop and mobile too. That's how the web can be when teams care about speed and efficiency 🙌

Had a lovely encounter with this 'Boxer' (Flower) Mantis, probably genus Astyliasula, at Dairy Farm Nature Park, Singapore, on 2 May 2021. It wasn't intimidated by us taking photos of it. Instead, it flew on to us and started climbing over us, while 'boxing' its arms. :-)

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/7 ]

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A Great Helen (Papilio iswara) spotted behind the Wallace Education Centre at Dairy Farm Nature Park, Singapore, on 2 May 2021. Might have taken more photos of it, but a male Common Mormon came along and chased it away from the area. :-)

The Great Helen is a large butterfly, and is moderately rare locally.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/7 ]

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Wired are looking for new folks to write and it's explicitly for non journalists

Announcing the WIRED Resilience Residency

WIRED Resilience Residency. Geared toward professionals whose own careers have been upended by these forces, the Resilience Residency offers a unique opportunity for non-journalists to report powerful stories from their changing fields and start new conversations about the future.


Ok hive mind I'm looking for a #SciFi book I was told about. Starts with a rich guy who owns planets. A girl who starts work as his secretary, but is programmed as an industrial spy, and he has deprogramme her.

Anybody got a clue as to what book that is?

The person who told me about it couldn't remember the name or the author and has failed to find it too.

#AskMastodon #SciFi #Authors #Help

I keep getting a message on my Android phone from Google saying,

"! Your date of birth is missing. This info is needed to comply with the law."

Anybody know what's up with this? It looks legit but I don't like it - and I particularly don't like the way it's stated - comes across as phishy.

Thinking of getting an Ebook Reader, but I am concerned about the amount of tracking in Kindles. Kobo and Onyx doesn’t seem much better. Does anyone in the fediverse have an Ebook setup they’re happy with?

Went to Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, today, 18 April 2021. We passed by a truck parked by the side of the road with fertilizer in the back and spotted this Five-bar Swordtail (Graphium antiphates) happily feeding from it.

The Five-bar Swordtail is a fast flier, and it took a while before I managed to get a shot of it before it flew off again.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/7 ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

Near our apartment is an area with a lot of feral cats and recently these signs appeared. Roughly translated they say:

"This colony of cats is under the supervision ot the city government and is provided with food. We want to again warn the woman putting out fish bones that if she does it again we will report her to the authorities."

(And this feline ran over to pose for me when he saw me coming!)

Nice interview with Plausible's and our (fosstodon's) own Marko Saric @markosaric

A lot of effort went in to that interview - and well done!


Fusion! It's the energy of the future and always will be!


Claiming a landmark in fusion energy, TAE Technologies sees commercialization by 2030

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