Mmmmm sushi!!!

'The worm, which was 38mm (1.5ins) long and 1mm wide, was still alive after being retrieved from the woman’s left tonsil, the journal said, adding that her “symptoms rapidly improved” after the procedure.'

Hi folks! I hope you all had a restful weekend.
Did you know?
Masks have been with us since Ancient times. We all wear masks whether they are physical or psychological at one time or another. Masks were used for Hunting, rituals, Death and even Shaming.

Here is an informative Ancient Origins article on Ancient masks.

10 Sacred Masks for Hunting, Ritual, Shame and Death

This is a really cool guide on setting up your own Jitsi server. It really doesn't look that difficult. I like the way NotS explains the ins-and-outs of the process, very useful and interesting.

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Why yes, I do think it does! So Glad someone noticed my rhathymia.

Went to the weekly outdoor market yesterday along with thousands of others. Most people wearing the 'mandatory' masks - but a certain 1 - 2% not wearing them correctly - nose out or just on the chin and a few not at all. I would like to see the city deputize a troop of 11 year olds to patrol these places with water guns with the mandate to squirt anyone in the face that's not covered properly.

I would call them the Squirt Squirt Patrol!

Been really impressed with Plausible Analytics over the last few weeks, so I’ve now upgraded my account.

If you’re interested, head over to or ping @markosaric

How can I tell #BigBlueButton to open the audio settings dialogue? (Aside from having an audio problem when logging in.)



Inside the Pulsar calculator time computer LED watch from 1975 - link via eedoc on the club Discord chat



My daughter once gave me some durian hard candy - after popping it in my mouth it smelled/tasted like rotten onions. I threw up - a lot - and the taste would not go away.

Whoah! This is cool but I could almost feel the skin being scraped off in a fall:

"[jimminecraftguy] reports speeds of 110 kph which is a little crazy for a 20-year-old aluminum frame bike ... A few more improvements for the build are in the works, including improved batteries and a cover for the sides to keep the local law enforcement from getting too suspicious."

Plausible Analytics has just hit $2,000 MRR from 300 paying subscribers!

Thank you all for your support, trust and for helping spread the word about Plausible Analytics! 👏 🙏 😍

Happy to spot a number of Cabbage White (Pieris canidia) today (4 July) at Sungei Tengah Road. As I walked further down the road, I saw a place where there were lots of them fluttering about. That was a wonderful sight.

The Cabbage White is a moderately rare butterfly in Singapore.

On iNaturalist [ ]

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