USA Today (the Gannett news site)'s GDPR-compliant website (their "EU experience") is a shining example of web design. It didn't bring me to tears, but it wasn't far off; if I'd had any pre-existing emotional attachment to it, it would've.

When I visited, it loaded resources from but three domains: the single HTML page from one, the CSS file from another and all of the images from an in-house CDN. There was no JavaScript, and there was no need for JavaScript.

Even the HTML was readable!

Keepass2Android users, if I disable it on the login form of a website, how do I get it to display again? I accidentally disabled it.

One of the things I miss about the 90s is saying 'WYSIWYG' on the daily.

Help! It seems now some ISPs in Vietnam are blocking access to Fosstodon (by way of dns)

Updating Windows 10 inside VirtualBox. Even installing Gentoo was faster than that 🙄

Utterly abysmal performance.

Finally some good news:

"Can get very busy and you can queue for hours, but it's worth the wait."

"The city of Agra has the Taj Mahal, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Sydney has its Opera House.

"But they all pale in comparison to the impact on the soul of first laying eyes on Ilkeston's Hole in the Wall."

I mourn the election of Reagan and the loss of much better world.

'While unveiling the White House solar panels in June 1979, Carter (said)...“A generation from now, this solar heater can either be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken or it can be just a small part of one of the greatest and most exciting adventures ever undertaken by the American people.”'
"Soon after he left office in 1981, President Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels"

I am healthy and alive. Relax on the side. My city may allow to the companies to run normally next week.

I couldn't help myself. I wrote the author of the article an email.

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An article with photos on wolverines: real ones, not the X-Men's Logan.

"A wolverine will attack an animal ten times its size, chasing a moose or caribou for miles before bringing it down. “They’re just a vicious piece of muscle,” says Qaiyaan Harcharek, an Inupiat hunter in Utqiagvik, on Alaska’s Arctic coast. “Even the bears don’t mess with them little guys.”"

#Arctic #Mammals #Wolverine

While naming it after Greta Thunberg is what most media outlets would pick up, the more important thing is that it was citizen scientists who made the discovery: 'normal' people like you and me, if we would just go out into nature and look out for them.

"A new to science species of land snail was discovered by a group of citizen scientists working together with scientists from Taxon Expedition"

#Science #Biodiversity #CitizenScience #Snails #Borneo

Random question, if I opt out of Google's location services, do my pictures still get geolocation metadata associated to them? I may still have a use for that... Or is this not related at all?

RIP. :-( Yes, I am copying-and-pasting as I prepare this post.

"Larry Tesler, a computer scientist who is most well-known for creating the seminal computer concepts cut, copy, and paste, died on Monday at age 74."

#UserInterfaceDesign #Computers

Just when you think protein nanowires couldn't get any better there's this:

“We are literally making electricity out of thin air. The Air-gen generates clean energy 24/7,” electrical engineer Jun Yao said in a press release. “It’s the most amazing and exciting application of protein nanowires yet.”

Alright #devops friends. My team has been using Jenkins for some operational style work via pipelines. It's worked pretty well. Was thinking about trying #rundeck as a replacement as it seems more fitting for the work. What tool are you using to perform operational work in your organization/project? I only support #linux, but there is also a good chunk of #windows so cross platform compatibility is imperative. Please boost!

Who here has driven for Uber or Lyft? Thinking about doing it for a short while until things pick up at work.... Sitting around waiting for next to nothing $ isn't on my favorite list of things to do.

Jim Fellinger on twitter pointed me at this. While section 230 is a US law this will affect us all and it's a way to for US authorities to ban encryption with out banning it. It's doing it by invoking child protection, which is all well and good, but not so good for children's or adult's right to privacy. The land of the free my arse!

The "EARN IT" Act Is Another Terrible Proposal to "Reform" Section 230 - Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet

It's the only not-for-profit site in the top 10. It does not plaster itself with advertising, intrude on privacy, or provide a breeding ground for neo-Nazi trolling.

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