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Today I read about Disneys "Go Away Green". A shade of green-gray designed to be the least visible colour in their parks and used to hide away things that need to be in the open, but you want people disinterested in.

LGBTQ stuff. 

Today is Overshoot Day,
the day where we as a species have used up the entirety of Earths Renewable resources and live on loans paid by the coming generations.

We as FLOSS enthusiasts can be part of a solution by designing not for an ever grander set of hardware, but for the reusage and improvement of OLD hardware.
Making old refurbished stuff attractive again, or ways to repurpose it so it doesn't have to be thrown away.

Actually lets add the photos here, lets just say I am kinda damn tired and sunburned right now :-)

Made a monogram for a personal thing and kinda liked it

Summer at my mums place continues.
The lack of balcony space seems irrelevant

At mums place now talking about racism and class backgrounds. Vacation and all

Friend posted about their son and his horse... and this is my favorite photo of the two of them (friends have a few horses, their son have one of his own of course - gotta love farmer-friends)

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