Hey ! So I started to translate the intro page for Regolith (not a user personally but like the project) into Swedish.

Are there any Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Sapmi-speakers or Icelandics in here who wanna translate the page into their languages? Just to help a small project out?

The text is short, and easy to translate.

errr for non-nordics, I mean you can do it too - I just think there should be more Libre/Opensource Nordic cooperation and more.

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@ohyran bookmarked regolith for trying it out. Looks great and very useable for someone like me (I switch back and forth between xfce and i3) out of the box.

If I like the DE, I'll have to see if I get it running on top of arch or even nixos.

@dwagenk Well they've set it up for a possability to fork it. I also think that Archlabs would love someone to set it up to be implemented on their base.

I am not very good, but i could do norwegian. I do want to see whar this is about as well as i have never heard of it

@Twelve its basically an add-on for Ubuntu which installs i3wm and Gnome-Flashback to create a very simple i3 setups for people on Ubuntu. They are pretty open to other distros too which is what I like about them. Basically modding and fiddling without creating a completely new distro.

When i get home i will gice it a try amd o xan then try see if i am able to transøate some of it. Ots gonna be hard woth my writing skills buy a start it is.

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