Had this weird idea for a teeny tiny called Float, Fish, Flee or Summon.
Two players move fishing vessels over a 4x4 grid of hidden cards to try to fish as much as possible over three rounds to beat their opponent.
Each round they get a choice of either moving the vessel, fishing on the spot they are, do nothing or summon servants of Dagon to disturb the fishing and hunt humans.

Each day begins by randomly drawing 16 cards, showing them to the player, shuffling and then placing them on the grid (perhaps some mechanic to move fish to certain spots?).
Each day ends when there are no more fish cards, or when one player reach home harbour (plus one round for the other player).
Each round begins with each player placing, face down one of the four action cards and then showing it.

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To summon a servant of Dagon - a player pick that action and the cards are removed, one replaced with a Dagon card, and then reshuffled with that one hidden Dagon card in it.
If you fish and get "Dagon" - then you will have the biggest fish card you've fished taken from you OR you pay the smallest fish card you've fished and Dagon is not appeased and now moves freely across the board.

Boats move in all directions (straight or diagonal), Dagon moves only straight.

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If Dagon is wild each player takes turn to move it across the board one step each turn.

If a boat is caught by Dagon they lose half of all fished cards from all days rounded down.

When you fish you show the other player what card you got.

Should probably have CW'd this thing btw... sry

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@qwazix thanks - I had an idea of including a system of fish planning at the start of each of the three days.
You shuffle, place the cards in 4 rows of 4 face up, and each player can swap 2 cards from one row to another. Then you reshuffle each row and place them down.

This to include a further element of planning.

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