This whole "If your work isn't applicable and usable to all, its not FLOSS" really gotta disappear.

I mean I get its about accessibility, which is not just important - it is critical to us all - but it got this idea baked into it that all applications are for all users. They're not.

Some things are made for a very specialized group, sometimes just for people within a certain skillset.

Just... just stop muddling up the two subjects - your doing us all a disfavor.

I always saw it as a best practice type thing. Kind of like you don't need to make it efficient, follow unix philosophy, be portable, be easy to maintain, etc.

I know I push a little more towards the idea of a fool proof UX, but that's because I hate having to relearn some workflow, or strain to remember how something was done. Accessibility stuff tends to help me on that.

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