Travelling by train in Europe is a joke. Complex planning, different companies and systems, insanely expensive and several layovers.
they've talked about it here "it has to be easier to travel via train from Sweden to Europe" but so far just damn words...

@ohyran Doesn't the Eurail ticket help out with costs at all? I suppose it's only cost effective if you're going on a specific trip over a certain duration however.

I wouldn't do it; I dislike public transport.

@ohyran that's a big mood. i think part of what makes it so ridiculously expensive is the fact that you have to book it with multiple companies (while it's usually not a big deal to buy (a) plane ticket(s) for the same route, and often cheaper as well). :/

@crowlad @ohyran The only reason it's cheaper to buy a plane ticket is that air travel is hugely subsidised (mostly via nonexistent taxation on fuel). If we had to pay the real cost (not even speaking of the environmental cost) of a plane ticket it would likely be much more expensive than the train.

environmental, travelling 

@ohyran Travelling only *within* Germany is complex enough and has exactly the problems you mentioned, but fortunately after letting the public train company die, it seems that there is finally the will and political power to save it.

@ohyran that’s why I prefer to travel by car in Germany

@ohyran crazy, I thought this was true only in Italy. The most I explore the world, the most I discover that shit is everywhere

@ohyran To balance the discussion: I have travelled all around Europe for two summer holidays and was very happy with it. Super nice experience, except the striking railroad workers in Italy. Worked out okay, no biggie.

@simper well I've travelled in Europe by train before but not in a longer more focused way.
So shorter trips are ok, or when you don't have time constraints and need to be at a certain point as quick as possible.

Travelling by train is awesome, the big downside is that it's not very effective for longer stretches.

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