The thing with apps for creative work that don't have save buttons is that they assume the users trust too much.
If I manage to close a window while, say typing something, reopen it and find the text still there I go "Oh neat!". That's it. I will still wait for a few seconds or more before closing when done with the document just to "make sure" it saves it.

Give me a button, give a response that the thing I spent making is saved. THEN you can add all the "oh neat!" features you like.

@ohyran I once worked on a hosted project that autosaved and we added a save button after usability testing found people weren't sure if things were saved. It made them feel better. (Just saying "Saving..." once in a while wasn't enough.)

If there is history with snapshots with the possibility to revert to an old version, then manually hitting the save button should indicate a more important entry than a typical autosave. It's basically a big landmark event.

@ohyran I disagree. I think giving people a button in a modern world where you wouldn't need one is like telling people to never change. When people never change, no progress can ever be done.

Just because some users are afraid, because their past apps had a button and forced you to make an extra step, which now is no longer needed, doesn't mean that the app should bend their will towards those users.

@asko If it was trustworthy your users would never care to have one.
That is the tricky bit.
You need clear and overly abundant information confirming that the work they have done, is now safely tucked away - the trust simply isn't there

@ohyran Alright I agree with that. There are lots of apps that screw you on trust, and that makes you scared of the other apps you use. It's kinda like previous relationships make you more skeptic towards future potential relationships, I guess.

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