Anyone with a little graphic design mojo mind making a quick little design for me? I need a little stamp which says "Plaintext Certified" along the middle and "Recommend Email Client" around the inner circumference

@ohyran SVG preferred, PNG acceptable. Thank you!

@ohyran I've allocated about 200x200 pixels for it, could be convinced to go a little higher

@sir will try to make it usable at that size, gimme 20 minutes

@ohyran cheers, take your time, much love and thanks

@sir its a large SVG bit can be scaled to 200z200 with scratches and all as SVG elements

Whats your email again?

@ohyran @sir needs to be "recommended email client"

@kaniini @sir

Ah... ok so you want me to edit it Drew? Can do it tomorrow?

@ohyran @kaniini ah, good catch. Yeah that should be updated. If it's hard to fit we can probably put it on the top of the circle, and leave "email client" on the bottom? Tomorrow is fine, not in a huge hurry


@sir @kaniini ok will fiddle it in properly tomorrow, don't worry about size, just a cut, fiddle and paste job :)

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