Stupid historical fact

This is a Swedish medallion from Bohuslän in 300 AD - made by a dude from the North who served in Rome as a soldier, made money, came home and tried to fashion himself as a roman emperor.

Thats him on the coin and the "latin" around the edges is just nonsense, jumbled random letters.

Here is where he lived... Where he served was most probably in south Germany but most probably more south than that.

Just a sidenote because when we think "300 AD" we forget that people moved around as much as they did.

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Wow, that is very cool!
Where did you find this?
Also, that coin is amazingly done, that kind of craftmanship put into it,


@selea you should check out stuff like "brakteatrar" or "brakteat" which was stupid common in the Nordic countries during that time, same kind of craftsmanship

Also tthey found a roman ridersmask in Gotland in the 1980's which was probably/maybe lugged home by someone who served in Rome as a soldier.

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