Reading about a current submission contest for artwork in Open Source land and remember, yet again - why you never ever ever do that.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING good comes from it. It doesn't improve community relations, it never creates new contributors in the long run and at the very least you'll get people disappointed and some times toxic as well.

What it does do is prove over and over that "Criticism" is a skill, and a skill seldomly possessed by computer enthusiasts.

@ohyran Nothing like abusive behavior masquerading as "Criticism"


@alatiera yeah I was like inches from replying to one with "Well from what you've written I think you're a boy stuck in a mans body because you've never been able to find a safe spot in this world and yourself and therefor you lash out thinking its helping your social position. You think the fault is the worlds that you don't get what you THINK other male crap rolemodels get so behave like a spoiled child - just saying it like it is!"

Then realize that would be being a bad person too. :/

@alatiera SHIT! Not to YOU! But to one of the forum posts.... o.O

@alatiera (Just read what I'd writte to you and it sounded like I was slagging you off... dear christ that was embarressing... errrr ok sry... will buy you cake if we're ever in the same town <3 )

@ohyran LOL, no worried. I never interpreted like that :P

If anything I was cheering for you being like "Yea, go and tell it to them like it is." :D

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