I thought of installing Artix Linux for funsies - I don't have a beef with SystemD at all (99 times out of a 100 I am such a scrub that I don't even notice the change to Systemd) but I thought... you know, maybe this is a fun thing for me?

Any good pointers to think about when going without systemd? A common pitfalls I should avoid?

@ohyran I can't say much, because I have never touched SystemD much (systems I do have it on, I usually don't tinker with).

Artix uses OpenRC, so just familiarize yourself with that, and you're good to go:

You can also find more info on the Funtoo/Gentoo wikis, Arch, etc.

@katnjia so no "dear god just don't do X or your USB ports will shoot fire!" or similar? :)

@ohyran I doubt it. non-SystemD systems do use udev for device management. (forked of course). On Gentoo/Funtoo, that's eudev last I checked.

@ohyran The gist is basically to know what tools SystemD has integrated, and what their SysV-equivalents are.

@ohyran I've had very good luck with . Directly converted two and one system without format and reinstall using their migration guide. Haven't tried a fresh install yet. But deleting systemd and network manager gave me great pleasure.

As long as you don't mind setting up syslog and manually setting up networking, it is a pleasure to use.

@hdasch oh thus is a fresh install if so, personally I don't mind systemd at all so thats not my.motivation

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