Heard about this Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse on Linux Unplugged. Looks really nice! Much better than giant 150+ whatever keyboards and decades-old mice that I usually end up using. Congrats to all the folks involved, hardware is hard. :) raspberrypi.org/blog/official-

@cassidyjames not in Nordic so kinda not usable for me, but I'm sure its coming in which case... oof. I wants it.


as a #Dutch guy who's typed on US international (or similar) keyboard layouts, since he was 5, but who now is living in #Norway, I just can't fathom how people can use #nordic layouts for coding…
Your ( and ) are offset one character, and possibly worse is needing altGr+7 for the / character iirc? < and > on the same key, instead of shifted on , and . (which share a key?)
It's also impossible to buy a non-Nordic layout in shops here, so I brought a spare when moving here.

@FiXato this might be true. It would be interesting if there was (and there probably is) some kind of "coders Nordic" @hund might know?

Personally typing without having nordic letters and relegated to keycombos is just... well its just a mess.

@ohyran @hund for windows I ended up modding my keyboard layout so I could use altgr+e for æ, altgr+a for å, and altgr+o for ø, which felt like a decent compromise.


@FiXato @hund
Well then I prefer using the nordic layout - having to contort fingers to use åäö seems way to stressful and inefficient since I write mostly in Swedish (imagine removing the letter "a" and replacing it with a keyboard shortcut)
Hund's Swerty seems interesting though

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