@kensanata @strypey @ohyran the usefulness of vaccination has already been proven many many times! The problem are the people that no longer trust those vaccine because of things they read online.

@tursiops most people who trust vaccines do so because of things they read online (or in some other media source). So what? Distrusting vaccines is a sensible default position, especially when it comes to children. The burden of proof is on those promoting them.
@kensanata @ohyran


@strypey @tursiops @kensanata

I trust vaccines because of doctors. The medical community. Friends who do medical research or work within that field.

Not because of "what I read online". It's a sensible opinion to distrust everything, even something basic like sleeping, but to go from there to distrusting all experts based on hear-say (and it is hear-say) isn't sensible.

(although I feel I should tag out of this discussion if that is ok - I realize I am to personally invested due to family reasons to be able to stay civil + assume good intent and none of you deserve that (whether I agree with you or not).

Is that ok? )

@ohyran very responsible of you. I'll try to untag you from now on.

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