Trying to get to work... uy... I remember some poor sod on here said they used it and could offer advise but I will fully understand if they don't reveal themselves :D

I tried Luke something-something's Neomutt wizard but it messes around with passwords and some GPG stuff which I feel is a bit beyond me. Thinking of just copy+pasta some stock set up config.

@hund aaaaah excellente [evil laugh]

I tried the luke-something-fish's neomutt-wizard which... well after quite a bit of digging through the config files it created I managed to get up and running, I can browse my email, but not reply or send any new one... so its the msmtp set up that got weird I guessed.
After much digging I realize I may as well start over and try to set it up myself instead of using the wizard... know any good guides? :)

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