Today 45 years ago (1973) was the first labour strike in space as the astronauts on Skylab 4 refused to work for 24 hours and demanded more time to contemplate life, Earth and themselves.


@ohyran Here’s another interesting fact about this:

Space is under maritime law. According to the United Nations, piracy is defined as “any illegal acts of violence or *detention* [of a ship]”

They illegally detained the spaceship so..

They were technically the first space pirates.

I think this is my favourite space story. They just stopped talking to mission control, took some time to finally destress, and then turned on the comms again to give their demands. :big_mood:

I’ve heard that a lot of astronauts say it can really change your outlook, going into orbit and seeing how the world looks from the outside. It puts things into perspective and makes you realise what’s really important.

So I fully support space strikes!

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