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Yesterday, 103 years ago Joe Hill, Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, born in Gävle, was murdered in Utah


The halfway point of all six of twelve images side by side

Found the cable, but also found some stuff left over from my dad - parts for a quick and dirty radio jamming set-up we where building over a decade ago.

The idea was to steal a few car batteries and use a building site as an antenna to block out some commercial radio channels for laughs.

Now its just board parts in little envelopes like loose milk teeth kept from childhood.

Also said at HP a decade ago:
"So this scanner, should it have like a normal power connector that people have in abundance at home anyway - so they can easily just swap it out as it follows standards?"

And they all laughed at the funny joke and designed their own power connector from scratch.

Said at HP: "Let's make it look kiiiinda like a displayport, you know - but it really isn't so that people will try to plug it in in vain while going like... 'oh you, HP, you are the greatest, trolled me again haha' or something"

Going through cables to get the old scanner up and going and realizing that a decade ago someone at HP said "This cable that connects it to the computer is a proprietary format" and said it as a selling point.

A decade later I am digging through boxes of cables trying to find one with that freaky connector only this scanner use like a child digging through a lego collection searching in vain for that one magical purple 1x8 strip that will make their build come together.

"There he was again, that snivelling, scrounging, conniving little shit: Tiny Tim"

(From the timeless feelgood classic "A Christmas Carol" by Ayn Rand)

In another timeline entirely: "A Christmas Carol" - by Ayn Rand

Just out of curiosity... should I try streaming the drawing work? I mean are people at all interested in watching someone silently draw with ink through a webcam dangling above? Maybe some music?

Its been a rather productive but still day today.

Finished image 5 of 12 of the Big Project today but also 6 of 12 in secret, have plans of scanning them or something.

Now sketching out image 7 of 12. At this rate I'll be done about end of week and then step 2 comes in.

Started the second batch of the Big Project, finished picture 5 of 12,

Netflix has blocked the extension that makes watching it possible on Linux... to... stop.... piracy...

And all over different ~/ across the world this song is on repeat as old torrent sites are rediscovered.


Gothenburgian rap in Swedish. Show more

Ooooh there's a movie out called "A Private War" about the war correspondent Marie Colvin.
If there was a "Dark Saint of War Correspondents" Marie Colvin would be it.
She was nearly killed several times, seriously wounded a couple, and she was killed through a targeted assassination by the Syrian Government.

Although... I am pretty certain someone have already done the same thing.

Ok, stupid art installation idea:
I set up a machine next to McDonalds for example.

By supplying your ID-card or Passport number, as well as a functioning Email, and post it to an ad-network you get a free burger.
If you also watch 10 minutes of ads, and can answer a question about something in that add to ensure you watched it - you get a Big Mac and fries.

"Free burgers for people with nothing to hide" or something...

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