My niece having an English mum and Swedish dad speaks both language but since she's four it gets adorably mixed up:
"Where is farmor?" (Farmor = Grandma, "Fathers-mother" specifically)

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an Amazon alternative: WorldCat 

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Episode two of our little ridiculous comedy podcast about the world's premier sasquatch hunter was released earlier today, and I'm super proud of it.

If a comedy about a bigfoot hunter sounds like your style, give it a shot? We'd appreciate the subscription.

Episodes roughly monthly.

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I've been busy:

PenPal, a Linux daemon to sync your Wacom Bamboo devices and render drawings:

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Plasma 5 is five 🎉! In these five years, hundreds of people have contributed their time and knowledge to make the Plasma desktop what it is today. Happy birthday, Plasma 🎂!

Kinda drunk playing a cut throat game of rummikub (seriously me, my husband and.mum drunk AF is harsh competition) trying to say a typical Swedish saying and going
"I want spit a gift pony right in the mouth" my mom spat wine through her nose

Todays experimental dinner, Creme Ninon soup and aspargus with Sauce Muessline (spelling?) With garlic bread

We are experimenting wildly

Where are we going? Decided Lidingö a rather posh island in Stockholm was worth a visit. So there we are now

Day n at my mums place and I am homesick. She's a wonderful awesome human but there's something about parents that can drive you up the damn walls even as an adult.

I have take a deep breath and not get angry at her mini-management at an almost daily basis now. Husband of course doesn't notice it so I know its just that parent-child anger

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Om du gillar idén med ett alternativ till Instagram som är baserat på öppen källkod, decentraliserat och federerat tycker jag att du ska spana in

Om du vill testa det kan jag rekommendera den svenska instansen som drivs av @selea. Det råkar vara samma kille som är med och driver projektet :)

Oh vacation? What are you guys doing?

Me, my husband and my mum are all drunk and doing fish soufflé cause we found a recepie in a Cook book from 1920.

Most of the time when I draw I just don't know what it is and more importantly what its for, I do it for the pleasure of doing it. Yet, people always ask what it is im drawing or "what is it for?" - its like asking someone reading a book "oh you're reading a book? How does it end?"

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A longer and reference crammed text about the decline of the Flynn Effect (IQ have risen constantly since the beginning of IQ teats but suddenly stopped), but also what IQ is and isnt.

When you search for "How to learn how to yodel" just to annoy your family.


Summer at my mums place continues.
The lack of balcony space seems irrelevant

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LGBTQ migration politics 

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