Happy bi-day to all!

I may be homosexual as a burning pride parade float parked outside of a wine bar, but we need to shout from the rooftops that bi-people rocks and have just as big a place in a massive rainbow flag as everyone else. (Whether out or not, in a straight relationship or not, or however it plays)

Should say it to more people than just @irina

Since my desktop hasn't changed in the past few weeks, for this #ScreenshotSunday I decided to give a peek at my Steam library, plus showing a new favorite app for planning out my videos: Minder.

It's made for elementary, but you can find it here: github.com/phase1geo/minder/

@e4rache @ChrisTalleras @tajshekinah @hirnbrot @dan @kungtotte @emsenn

Oh and I want to add basically ANYTHING from Master Boot Record who tries to make music "as if an old computer tried to make metal" (and they are pretty damn spot on!)

I'm all in favour of #BiVisibilityDay but I can't be any more visible than I am already. I don't actually *do* anything bi, being very monogamously married to a man (and not intending to change that) so people read me as straight.

@e4rache @ChrisTalleras @tajshekinah @hirnbrot @dan @kungtotte @emsenn

They are on the list!
Also Emsenn, if that song makes you feel awesome I think it will do the same to me. No "sorry's" needed <3

I am adding Kall Värld by Totalt Jävla Mörker (Swedish Death/Crust) to the list. Tomorrow will be all "I have the best words!" :)


OK people tomorrow I am going to take care of things my agoraphobia and anxiety have blocked me from doing. Basically I have to channel Donald Trump, the opposite of self doubt, self loathing and anxiety (you got to give him that, sociopathic narcissism really is the polar opposite of what I got going right now)
I need music, metal if possible but anything will do, to really feel invincible. Something … "rraaaah" you know?

So do you have any suggestions?

Just grasped that the English word "language" is basically "to do what a tongue does" cool 😃

Today has been a rather shitty day... I need this image of someone proposing to a Raccoon in my life right now

Liked a lot of Openbox rices I saw, wanted to recreate that but in a workable way for
(Because this is my main computer)

Checking out r/design and realizing "Oh so THAT is why I avoid calling myself a designer, now I remember!".

A bunch of people without a shred of proper experience between them describe what they hate in the vain hope that this will prove their tastes to another bunch of randos.

It's such a telling setting - the difference between creators and designers: How one group describe their taste by saying what they love, and the other by saying what they hate.

Watch my favorite #watercolor artist @gommatt@twitter.com as he paints beautiful, atmospheric scene and explains his process youtu.be/49IVgkOwJpc #artinspiration #inspotoots


Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google Site is tied to logging into Chrome.

(I created a blog for occasions where 500 characters just aren't enough)

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Someone asked if KDE (or Plasma) have a "default" or focus distro...
See one thing I like about KDE as a community is its anarchic nature.

Throw three KDE members into a room and you can bet your ass that ten minutes later when you open the door, two of them will be arguing in a corner and the third is busy creating their own music player from scratch, & a fourth (who you have no idea how they got there) watch. Some think that's a problems, others (me included) see it as it's biggest benefit.

Looking around for imageviewers on various git accounts.
The irony that very few of them have images of what they look like

Say if you're around Pittsburgh USA or willing to relocate and you want to work with me and a bunch of generally awesome folks... schellgames.com/careers

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