Ooooh next weekend... I am sooo looking forward to it! We're playing DnD a weekend in an old rebuilt watermill out in the middle of fekking nowhere!

Last night we played DnD again and I got to draw one more of my friends characters, a rather self centered dwarf berserker

Anyone in travel distance of #YVR : I'll be DMing a thriller type game at Terminal City Tabletop convention at the end of the month. Currently only my Dad and two other people are signed up. Would anyone else like to give it a try? #rpg #convention #DarkMatter

@klaatu @jackiemoon

The SVG file is here: just "save page as" SVG. It's way bigger than what is visible too btw

Going through things my brain has held me back from doing... Today the shirtprint/phonewallpapers for a thing happening in Gislaved
(husband-dude who thinks metal aesthetics is dorky went "oh nice, yeah if I where a middle aged nerd who liked death metal I'd think it looked cool" :) )

I need help, I want to call a number but I don't want to use my phone or rather I don't want them to see who is calling or be able to track it back. Is there a way?

New music find: Zeal and Ardor - mixing death metal and delta blues and spirituals...

Matrix 1.0 - Are we ready yet? We need your help to spread the word, tell your friends, your enemies, your acquaintances, people you sometimes see on the bus. Let's get going!

Drew a friends DnD character last game night, a rather bossy halfling paladin dedicated to a dwarf God. (Its complicated)

Husband-dude bought a new phone which means I get a new old phone to play with.

I still have a trusty old Nexus 5 with Lineage OS (and MicroG for banking app) on it as my phone. It does what I want it to and basically nothing more.

So have no idea what to do with this Samsung Note 4

Looking around for an old walkman cassette player with a detachable chassi (remember when stuff had screws in them so you could remove it?)... have a weird plan to repaint one as a gift.

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While waiting for my mediciation to be cleared for pickup I made a light pink theme for and now I am looking into modding the i3 lock screen...

Yeah this is high level distraction work

Turns out the app controlling the tail is made by one of the devs (Leinir) using Qt and Kirigami (KDE QML front end stuff)
KDE and Furries, name a more iconic duo :)

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