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#Mobilizon, Framasoft’s Facebook Events/Groups alternative, successfully reached it’s first step of funding in a week! This gets it to a beta release by end of year, and maybe a V1 by mid 2020.

But the fund drive isn’t over. There are two steps to go with 54 days to get there. Step 2 funding is an important one. It will finance the integration of ActivityPub and development of administration tools for instance managers.

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Middle Age BS Show more

I am slowly considering swapping over from to just for funsies... But I dunno just yet.

I also have plans of swapping to Debian Buster because... well because I have this thing for Debian.

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Ok so wanna try something out for you guys - this is the suggested cover for a reprint of Ursula K Le Guins Odo books (The Dispossessed, After the Revolution etc) - what do you guys think, would you buy it?
Also with or without the falling Shevek in the middle?

NOT saying Norwegian sounds stupid - just not very stern. Which is a good thing!

<3 to my Norwegian friends

The Swedish Police association wants to make it possible to hire Norwegian cops (Norway have too many, Sweden have too few) and god help me I would love it.
Look Norwegians are awesome in all kinds of ways, but Norwegian to Swedish ears is not... well its not authoritative - it's inflections are those used by kids when pretend-angry kinda.

(my mother was once married to a dude from Norway and she said the hardest part was not laughing when he got angry/serious)

Spent the entire day doing illustration work... this is as far as I got for today (there will be stuff above this, and the B/W will be colorized, shifted into less contrast and sooo much fiddlyness, but these are the inks)

Well... grumpy cat (Tardar Sauce) sadly just passed away - that was the internet folks, we can pack up and go home now

Just realized my layer icons for Krita are still used o.O cool :D

Not saying any of those things are bad - just that they have complexities and issues which I think are possible to circumvent

Economic Equilibrium is something different than "economic strength", same with Social Equilibrium in comparison with "social justice" and Ecological Equilibrium as something different than "ecological stability"

Cooperative Open Source efforts to improve ecological, social and economic equilibrium is basically my jam this morning

On part of that topic

Granted the damn book is like hundreds of pages... and in Latin... but imagine having illustrations, snippets, footnotes to the original with actual RPG content (rules, GM notes etc) on the other page?

Core in that is to have Family a critical thing for the character, maybe focus on say having a drawback and book for "Social", "Physical", "Intelligence" for each character to make them easy to handle and then simple advantages for each?

Weird RPG idea: make a Pen and Paper RPG based on Olaus Magnus story of the Northern People (which is basically a fantasy book on its own, written in the 1500eds), using ONLY the illustrations from it and doing a COMBINED thing where you have playing individuals, as well as families over generations to get the effect of both a political higher level play and classic RPG style play

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