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Jens Reuterberg

Watching The Ritual and … Aa a horror movie its OK but its odd when the texting says "speaks in Swedish" and they definitely do not

The only annoying thing with lineageos and microg is that bank-ID a critical app in Swedish society gets weirdly reset when LOS updates

Termux for Lineage OS where do I go to donate? I just used YouTube-DL on my damn phone like a champion.

Jesus my old Nexus 5 with Lineage OS feels like when I first installed Linux on my computer.

Yeah! The demo should be back up now, with more content. It now includes:

- fake users
- fake playlists
- fake favorites
- fake listenings (~scrobbles)

This is generated randomly, so the data will change everytime the demo is reset (every hour), featuring different artists, covers, etc.

All of this being tied to real music content provided by nice creators! Thank you so much for being so helpful, and don't worry, if your content was not included, it can easily be :)

Today it's been 7 years since the right wing terrorist, asshat, and nazi wanker Anders Behring Breivik went on a shooting rampage on Utöya during a left-wing youth group meeting and detonating a bomb in Oslo, murdering a total of 77 people.

The youngest of his victims was 14 years old.

Motivated by the radical right wing ideologies that has become more and more common in the Nordics - the idealism of the cowards - he took their words and made it into actions.

I'm gonna post it here too like everyone else, if nothing else since those backendy bits that Google are killing off in favour for closed source variations - are critical for the FOSS community to pick up and run with like we're fleeing from the law in a stolen pickup truck across a turnip field

Also soon a project coming to you in the vein of Majestic Failure > Mediocre Success (should be a T-shirt).

How hard can it be to set up your own selfhosted internet-accessible server either using a Raspberry Pi 3 or an unused laptop? How hard can it be to make that secure and usable?

I'd say "hold my beer" but I'm pretty confident I can do this while holding a beer, a small tray of vol-au-vents and a tiny toy poodle

Confidence level: 9000
Skill Level: negative potato

I mean I am betting my toes they have already thought of this - so not saying they haven't and its a problem - I just wonder how they solve this?
And how that solution will look on lower resolution screens (1280xNNN f.ex)

GNOME's new icon project is 1) ambitious but 2) with the suggestion to only keep symbolic icons and one massive full feature icon that will scale - makes me worry.

Icons are ALL scalable - all graphics are scalable it's a question of exactly what pixel grid.
Doesn't matter if your icon is huge and scaled down, it becomes blurry at "off resolutions" where the icon slips between the pixel grid and the system has to guess which color goes in what pixel.

Riding the anxiety = letting it take you for a while and see it spin its tires showing it that you're not afraid of whatever it can throw at you

Uh panic attack. Why foes it always happen at the most inopportune moments?
Standing outside a bar trying my best to ride it out, inside are people I genuinly like so doing my best "keep it together you shit" thing right now.
What are your best "riding out anxiety tricks"?

Friend on a train through Sweden just texted me in amazement about the conductors call out:
[In Swedish but translated]
"Ladies and Gentlement and Non-binaries..."

For example I believe, with every inch of my body that I can do whatever it is anyone else does - and be better at it - if I only tried it a bit.
Now logically I know that's not right - but as motivation I like it.

I have destroyed so many machines, dry walls, art materials, small toolsheds (only once) and ingredients in my life.

My hope is that by accepting the axiom "Rather a majestic failure than a mediocre success" I can somehow keep it real, humble and learn from it.

I may be wrong tho

I mean trying your hand with other subjects and doing it with grandeur and high hopes is awesome. That's how we learn shit as human beings and it's an honourable pursuit but as always the problems come when we confuse "honour" with "pride" and let the wrong impulse run the show.

Or artist friends who think that their skill in one field means that any problems when they try their hand in other fields is due to the receivers incompetence and inability to understand how great their work really is.

Reading up on the company Theranos and it's founder Elizabeth Holmes and something really sticks out.

Competent people who mistake their competence for genius and assume that since they where brilliant in one field (programming and sales in EH's case who sold C++ compilers as a student to universities) they MUST be great in others.

And I recall programmers I know who present their wikipediad findings on other complex topics as valid counterpoints to expert advice.

I just did some very rough calculations on the money we got from people distributing their remaining @Liberapay mangopay funds: As of now this should cover about 16 weeks of "usual" donations in advance. Thank you very much!

Let's hope liberapay will find an alternative in a similar time frame then 😃 .

Gothia Cup one of the largest football cups for teens is in town… and good gods I am so damn tired of teens. They are everywhere.
I mean yes its awesome that the state companies and others pay for trip and lodging for all these kids. And yes kids from around the globe meeting each other. But teens… damn noisy smelly teens

If one more good thing has to be said it is that teens are exactly the damn same no matter where they are from, what color skin, faith or culture.

Sure it would be slower to watch something, since it has to be downloaded and therefor promote a different kind of viewership but still... maybe it could scrape the content creators "About" page looking for Patreon or similar donate pages?