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Updated my blog post this week... added the solution I use when it runs out of free space while still having gigabytes free. This week my partition was full even with 45G to spare!

Build a cloud-based off-site backup: easy.

Build it optimized for cost: Sisyphean task.

I'm building 3 layers of indirection to make this optimally cheap. How much is my time worth? Not enough, apparently. :)

If I HAVE to use Twitter, at least I can just repost there from Mastodon. Thanks, !

Just finished another round of hiring. Candidates from recruiter/posting results and my own network were woefully male-dominated. It's hard to hire who you can't find!

Any women in tech or in the EMEA region, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how I can better reach you when opportunity arises. Or before; I'm always looking for good engineers and learners!

Looking for examples of sites - especially multi-sites and headless sites - on .

TV News is on while I wait at the bank. They're reduced to reporting on individual snappy tweets to the president. What a far cry from the fifth estate! We really have to get moving on building a replacement, because Twitter ain't it.

The Internet is global. It is much easier to move a digital company than a bricks-and-mortar one, and this would give ample incentive. We will continue connecting the world, continue progressing, and continue making great money doing it. And all the EU citizens will be shut out of that for as long as our government can keep its eyes shut.
Their eyes will open a lot faster under visible economic pain and international embarrassment than they would on the present course - 2/3

Personally I'm rooting for the worst possible version of Article 13.
Feed the lawyers, starve the businesses. Make the starkest possible contrast between countries where the lobbyists win, and everyone else. Sometimes you need to get bitten to learn to avoid the snake.
The EU can be to copyright law what Brexit is to internationalism and free trade. A brutal, public, and visible example that completely fucks a major economic player, to the obvious benefit of its neighbors - 1/3

I think it's time to have a theme song for global climate change.

Now accepting submissions.

"almost everything produced by ML could have been produced, more cheaply, using a very dumb heuristic you coded up by hand, because mostly the ML is trained by feeding it examples of what humans did while following a very dumb heuristic. There's no magic here."

Stoked to be at the Deutsche Oper tonight for Boris Godunov with Bryn Terfel. It takes a powerful alignment of the stars to drag me out to the "old fashioned" opera, and this is it!

Gonna watch me a tsar get driven mad by guilt while his reign crumbles around him. Can't wait. :)

Google apps script is an absolute clusterfuck.

Update the version of your app with 16 clicks in 4 different, similarly buzzwordy named dashboards! It took me 2 hours to figure it out, with more pages of documentation open than k care to count.

Who develops in this kind of shithole environment?

Did you know? You can use Java class names to send secret messages with morse code!

For instance

class AbstractFactoryFactoryFactoryBuilderBuilderBuilderFactoryFactoryFactory

would signal that the sender is in distress!

The global lead for my department just casually mentioned a quote I think I'll keep:
"Old World: knowledge Is power
New World: Sharing knowledge is power."

Yes, I work at . Yes, the change is real. (no, I still don't like Windows haha)

That feeling when you follow someone for their great top post, and their post frequency drowns your entire feed with their self-important bullshit.

Don't take my unfollow the wrong way. You're clever and entertaining and I like you... For like 3 posts a day. But your stream of consciousness is a fire hose.

Latest crashes on heavy pages on my Android. I've opened every news site in "reader mode" for the last 24 hours, and I LOVE IT.

Highly recommended: don't click the cookie banner, click the reader mode button instead!

Wish I could make it default for a set list of sites, or add "open in reader mode" to the long-press link menu. I don't see an add-on to that effect though. :(

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