if your router operating system kernel panics is that a Show more

Did you know? You can use Java class names to send secret messages with morse code!

For instance

class AbstractFactoryFactoryFactoryBuilderBuilderBuilderFactoryFactoryFactory

would signal that the sender is in distress!

The global lead for my department just casually mentioned a quote I think I'll keep:
"Old World: knowledge Is power
New World: Sharing knowledge is power."

Yes, I work at . Yes, the change is real. (no, I still don't like Windows haha)

That feeling when you follow someone for their great top post, and their post frequency drowns your entire feed with their self-important bullshit.

Don't take my unfollow the wrong way. You're clever and entertaining and I like you... For like 3 posts a day. But your stream of consciousness is a fire hose.

Latest crashes on heavy pages on my Android. I've opened every news site in "reader mode" for the last 24 hours, and I LOVE IT.

Highly recommended: don't click the cookie banner, click the reader mode button instead!

Wish I could make it default for a set list of sites, or add "open in reader mode" to the long-press link menu. I don't see an add-on to that effect though. :(

Supporting my wife through a difficult pregnancy makes me selfishly, guiltily glad to have been born male. I couldn't do it.

... and another thing:

The standards for morality filters are always based on American Midwestern Puritans. I'm in Germany; we show nipples (and bums and penises and vulvas) here. We don't show disembowelment or torture. If you're going to filter me, at least use culturally relevant filters!

I get so angry at mandatory morality filters in software. Why can't my android keyboard identify/remember the word "fuck"? Why won't the GIF keyboard let me find NSFW gifs? I understand including that sort of parental guard, but I should be able to disable it. I am old enough to make my own choices about profanity and pictures of nipples.

More CW filters I need:

* Armchair anything. eg "The only way to reduce unemployment is to X." You have no idea what you're talking about. Grown up economics requires more thought than 500 characters.

More CW filters I need:

* Social proof. eg "I respect arbitrary grouping of people X!" or "arbitrary grouping of people have to get their shit together if they want respect". You're just twitter shitposting on another platform. It's fishing for an argument so you can feel outraged and simultaneously validated by an internet mob of "fuckyeahs". But you'll accept just the "fuckyeahs" if that's all you get.

Some CW filters I need:

* Masturbatory navel-gazing. eg "I have deeply-seated value X, and I think I live it out pretty well." That's lovely, dear - being your own judge means you're biased AND nobody cares about the outcome.

Tried to change my plan today... but I don't have the button to change plans! Anyone else with a disappearing account button?

A lost soul on the bahn today has such powerful beer BO, that it makes half the subway car uninhabitable. Well beyond the limit of where you think one's odor can reach, this guy is vacating seats. I'm impressed, and frightened by just how far down the hole one can fall.

Discovering a gradual improvement path - from complicated gspreadsheets, to custom functions in a Google app, to standalone js project.

Spending my new years par usual: performing a special show with amazing colleagues in a beautiful theater. So grateful to have my voice back. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

"In a study of 34 popular Android apps, the campaign group Privacy International found that at least 20 of them send certain data to Facebook the second that they are opened on a phone, before users can be asked for permission. Information sent instantly included the app's name, the user's unique ID with Google, and the number of times the app was opened and closed since being downloaded. Some, such as travel site Kayak, later sent detailed information about people's flight searches to Facebook, including travel dates, whether the user had children and which flights and destinations they had searched for. European law on data-sharing changed in May with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation and mobile apps are required to have the explicit consent of users before collecting their personal information."

In case you thought GDPR was actually protecting you.

Why is it taking so long? Anyone know the details of how duplicity does the deduplication check? Maybe I'm missing a processor feature? This should be 99% local, but CPU, IO, and network are all close to idle. - 2/2

Moved my data to my new fileserver, built from scrap parts and old hard drives. Rehomed to the machine, and the first backup is taking DAYS. Not uploading, mind you. Just reading all the files to decide that only owner and file path changed, so they don't NEED to be re-uploaded - 1/2

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