I'm super interested in trying QT out to make universal linux apps. Haven't touched the platform yet, but it looks really awesome to implement your app on just about anything. Pinephone will definitely be a guinea pig for many experiments.

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Wow haven't jumped in here for a hot minute! Since the last post the following thingy's have happened:

* Moved my contacts to gnome-contacts via evolution (thanks @linmob !)
* installed puremaps via flatpak and took it on a test car trip (mixed results)
* attempted to build geary from source but ran into issues

In general, it feels like I'm ready to make the full move now! Getting a new sim card as we speak!!

Also updated this: github.com/ohSnapDude/pinePhon

Not too much, but had fun :)

For anyone interested in compiling qtPass on postmarketOs there comes a nice advantage to this app, which is handling 6-digit one time passcodes.

I was going to take a different direction by making something myself, but qtPass already has great compatibility so having your passcodes automatically copy for you on a pinephone feels really quick 😊

Updated adventure to include manual installation (with app icons) and qtpass (github.com/ohSnapDude/pinePhon)

Yeah some quick shots in one day because I"m catching up from what I learned earlier this week. This repo should now fully cover what I've been up to, and it can finally relax for a bit while I try doing more stuff 😊

Hey @linmob ! This was late, but the documentation is finished for qTox! 😁

Let me know if you run into an issue, I can update the documentation

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users, I am starting to document my personal adventures over here: github.com/ohSnapDude/pinePhon

This was overdue for me because I was just going in head first without writing what I was doing. This should help me catch up with that.

Current topics: docker, compiling qTox, hitting my head on a rock
Up next: compiling qtPass

I’m excited, this is one of the apps on the wiki labeled as “theoretical”, now that it’s done I’m thinking about posting build instructions 😁

It wasn’t all that hard if you take away the random detours I took from head banging, all of it can be built via alpine Linux repo software

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After lots of patience, Qtox is now compiled on the ! (PostmarketOS) 🥳

That and my name was littered in the screenshot

Starting to notice a pattern as well; some applications, while they scale well on desktop don’t always wanna do the same here. Maybe it’s because the programs are seeing the phone’s resolution combined for both landscape and portrait... if it’s common enough maybe there’s a fix

salutations owners! Got a question for 'yall, are there any mail clients that any of you enjoy using? webapp / native?

Which OS are you running as well? Got micro sd cards coming in the mail and would love to try your favorite

Managed to compile qtPass on last night! It has been an adventure so far 😝

Wanted something where you could at least use the clipboard so made an effort to do this! It was thanks to this app that I logged into fosstodon last night

Haven’t written here in a while, but you know I feel good 😌

This particular mastodon instance feels very chill and I don’t feel inclined to post until I pop. Honesty I love just reading though things everyone is doing, it’s nice. Glad to be part of it

For those with a with PostmarketOS, I got a question!

Been looking all over for application repositories specific to PostmarketOS that apk uses by default, but I cannot find any. I see repos for alpine Linux specifically and PostmarketOS driver repos, but none that specifically hosts something like qt apps or something mobile specific. Is that the way it’s configured with apk in the os?

Asking because I ordered a pine phone that’s coming in the mail in a few weeks

Thanks in advance

Anyone have a favorite source for linux news? I've been hanging out on omgubuntu.co.uk for a little bit along with random youtube videos

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Was trying to learn how mastodon finds other servers and stumbled on this article: kevq.uk/how-does-mastodon-work

Then found out it was made by a local here @kev and instantly this noggin went 🤯

Sooo guess the tldr here is THANKS! Super awesome resource!

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FOSS Folks may be interested to hear the folks behind ReadTheDocs have launched EthicalAds. A privacy-focused ad network for developers.
(My brother is one of the founders.)


Seems like the more interesting part of this poll was what editors *wern't* there, thanks everyone for sharing, learned about new editors today!

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Editor of choice?

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