There is a major performance upgrade with our recent release. 💛 Oh and we went live on today.

Thanks to the kind support of POEditor we are now starting the of our app.
Can you help us out with French, Spanish or any other mother tongue?

✨ We just released Offen v0.1.8

Head over to the releases page and check it out how to install or upgrade:

Next up is a v0.2.0 with some major improvements. We'll keep you posted.

Are you interested in making web for everyone and want to snack on some or during this year's ? We've got a few beginner friendly issues on our repo waiting for you:

📌 Another must read for the minded developer — The Small Web — Made for people, not users

To all @ubernauten aficionados out there — Here's a detailed tutorial which will help you to install your own Offen instance in a jiffy. 🆗🆒

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