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I'm sorry but why does a banking app need to see a list of system-wide packages? And for what security purpose?

If all apps were tightly sandboxed in the first place then this wouldn't be a problem that requires an edge-case solution using "privacy protections" from .

My prediction is that will now roll out a dedicated wallet app — along with regular wallet functionality it will gleefully take advantage of this exact loophole.

Anyone who's into and Smart Home devices should learn just enough about networking in order to place each device on its own little Class C subnet; so that your smart bulbs, TV, vacuum, and other appliances only see themselves on the network and nothing else.

I had an idea a while back for a novel, tentatively called Glitch Circus, about a post-human future, where tribal robots live among our urban remains, which are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

To prevent them from uprising, we hard-coded an inability to repair themselves (among other things). Their own bodies are as confusing to them as ours are to us, and they routinely employ quack medicine and sympathetic magic in their attempts to fix bugs and breakdowns.

New Side Project:

A search helper with URL-based context switching.

Because boredom, OCD, coffee, and "let's see how long this will stay on the free tier of Cloudflare Workers..." 👀

This is cool.

The Planck length can be visualized as follows:

0.1mm is roughly the diameter of human hair. If you magnified a 0.1mm dot until it was the size of the observable universe, the Planck length would be roughly the size of a 0.1mm dot.

In other words, if there were a universe in the tip of your hair, the Planck length would be the width of a hair inside that universe.

New Blog Post: Managing Dotfiles with Git and GNU Stow

GNU Stow is an intelligent symbolic linker that can be combined with Git for dotfiles management.

IMHO the default approach should be considerate use of JavaScript and CSS that follows the guidelines of Progressive Enhancement — instead of gigantic resource-intensive libraries that destroy the role of the browser (and browsing itself) in the process.

Worth noting that the article is circa 2014, and yet is still relevant in today's bloated web that's awash with ever-evolving JavaScript monstrosities.

Good defense is created by defense-in-depth; and by obscurity doesn't cost much inasmuch as it deflects "rudimentary" acts of reconnaissance — which unsurprisingly makes log parsing easier as there is less noise to work with.

I also appreciate the author's visual metaphor w.r.t. real-world examples, since that's always been the inspiration for the insertion of obscurity into a larger, more robust information security posture.

A very intriguing way to instantiate separate "shadow" root objects in order to do things like parsing, hydrating, or other manipulation of elements.

Coupled with HTML Templates and Custom Elements, this is a pragmatic (read: native) way to fully utilize the HTML spec.

I've setup a subdomain for vanity URL forwarding (e.g. as an affiliate link) using Netlify's built-in syntax.

Quick blog post about the steps involved:

Ditch FOMO. Embrace JOMO. Joy Of Missing Out. is making the usual rounds but also "Tags, unlike branch names, are a global namespace in git."

Also tangential but "swap partitions > swap files" as expounded on by Linus in the same thread.

"Everything happens for a reason" is the quintessence of bullshit.

You are in control of your destiny. Your actions have consequences, and the choices you make define the path you take.

So choose wisely; don't leave anything to fate. Fate is someone else making choices for you.

The rise of :

Adults — with allegedly functioning brains — are acting like impulsive teenagers hooked on an MMORPG; placing consensual "value" in computer bytes that make up an exclusive skin for one of their characters.

Crypto will slowly eat the first world, and it's resources with it.

In my critique of the tropes of cyberpunk, I pointed out that the neural jack, however potent a visual metaphor, will look in the future as antiquated as the corded telephone does today. (I also pointed out it couldn't work as designed since the requisite I/O cluster doesn't exist in the CNS.)

We absolutely will interface with computers, but we'll do it noninvasively.

With Cameo, Only Fans, and now Twitter's Super Follows; it seems that Big Tech is augmenting their advertising system with another monetization dynamic that reframes "you are the product" to "some of you produce value by virtue of your own existence, while the rest of you consume your own kind, and we are the market peddling those invisible social goods."

I have no opinion on the merits or drawbacks as any introduction of supply will lead to demand; but it's intriguing to observe nonetheless.

Finally got around to adding a dark color scheme to my site via the "prefers-color-scheme" CSS media feature; for browsers that have dark mode enabled.

I based the colors off of Ayu, which is the VS Code theme that I use (and love!).

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