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This is probably the only time I'll support (not the company, just the precedent that's being set), but the Government of 's recent stance that websites have to pay publishers in order to hyperlink to their content is an affront to the principles that the Internet was founded upon. It's nothing short of ludicrous.

Armchair Dystopian Prediction: Next they'll introduce legislation coining the term "hypolink" as a form of sanctioned syndication.

Have to break the habit of typing 2021 as 20201 since my brain seems perfectly fine with repeating this mistake for the rest of the year.

The ISO 8601 date format will be the death of me.

The anti-censorship community sets a few things straight, and gives their own views as it relates to the debacle (ironically because Signal is refusing to openly discuss it).

Pretty cool, the IEEE's manufacturer list of hardware addresses:

Now I know that my ASUS runs an "AzureWave" Wi-Fi card, but also now I can spoof the first three bytes of my MAC to show up as an Apple, Blackberry, or even a Cray device to captive portals and networks.

We're all one of today's lucky "Ten Thousand" at some point, and likely will be many more times in the future.

Each of us take turns filling up on things that "most" people seem to know, for I have yet to meet one who knows all those "most people" things! (non-overlapping subsets etc etc).

Be kind to today's lucky Ten Thousand! ♥️

(H/T @celia)

Refactored my "curated quotes" side project to give it a mobile-first facelift from the old layout.

My computer gets more polyphasic sleep than I ever will. :oh_no_blob:

Finally got around to upgrading the ol' homepage from BS4 to BS5, not many *breaking* changes...

When you expect a 'docker-compose.yml' but the maintainer is having none of that. :oh_no_blob:

But of course, that would simultaneously be a threat to their centralized control structure and profit margins; so color me skeptical of any virtuous intention to embrace decentralization under the guise of being a gatekeeper of the technology itself.

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Re: Twitter’s Bluesky Project… believing that Jack Dorsey cares about decentralization is akin to believing that Mark Zuckerberg cares about privacy.

Instead of trying to re-invent the federation wheel and foist a solution onto us that resembles the 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish' paradigm, Twitter would actually be making a difference if they funded/collaborated on existing open technologies like ActivityPub, Matrix, Mastodon, etc.

Hello FOSStodon World 👋

I decided to make a Mastodon account (again) because I came across this server via a Webmention comment on a blog post by @celia (hey!)

This server and it's FOSS-centric community looks pretty darn awesome. Good to be here, cheers!


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