You could say that decentralized systems are thus passed to centralized systems by value, and not by reference.

I'll show myself out. 😅

Joking aside, it's a pretty decent read:

If the ethical framework for Delphi is actively reinforced from a highly constrained set of inputs, then isn't bias inherently being placed into the system, thereby easily predicting the outputs?

Isn't this just doubling down on using training models over backpropagation?

Recently learnt a geeky pop culture gem about Kubrick's 2001, courtesy of Cloudflare and HN.

I hardly change my background, so is the same as last time; just with more GNOME Shell Extensions...

I'm sorry but why does a banking app need to see a list of system-wide packages? And for what security purpose?

If all apps were tightly sandboxed in the first place then this wouldn't be a problem that requires an edge-case solution using "privacy protections" from .

My prediction is that will now roll out a dedicated wallet app — along with regular wallet functionality it will gleefully take advantage of this exact loophole.

Finally got around to adding a dark color scheme to my site via the "prefers-color-scheme" CSS media feature; for browsers that have dark mode enabled.

I based the colors off of Ayu, which is the VS Code theme that I use (and love!).

Pretty cool, the IEEE's manufacturer list of hardware addresses:

Now I know that my ASUS runs an "AzureWave" Wi-Fi card, but also now I can spoof the first three bytes of my MAC to show up as an Apple, Blackberry, or even a Cray device to captive portals and networks.

Refactored my "curated quotes" side project to give it a mobile-first facelift from the old layout.

When you expect a 'docker-compose.yml' but the maintainer is having none of that. :oh_no_blob:


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