I hardly change my background, so is the same as last time; just with more GNOME Shell Extensions...

I'm sorry but why does a banking app need to see a list of system-wide packages? And for what security purpose?

If all apps were tightly sandboxed in the first place then this wouldn't be a problem that requires an edge-case solution using "privacy protections" from .

My prediction is that will now roll out a dedicated wallet app — along with regular wallet functionality it will gleefully take advantage of this exact loophole.

Finally got around to adding a dark color scheme to my site via the "prefers-color-scheme" CSS media feature; for browsers that have dark mode enabled.

I based the colors off of Ayu, which is the VS Code theme that I use (and love!).

Pretty cool, the IEEE's manufacturer list of hardware addresses: standards-oui.ieee.org/oui/oui

Now I know that my ASUS runs an "AzureWave" Wi-Fi card, but also now I can spoof the first three bytes of my MAC to show up as an Apple, Blackberry, or even a Cray device to captive portals and networks.

Refactored my "curated quotes" side project to give it a mobile-first facelift from the old layout.


When you expect a 'docker-compose.yml' but the maintainer is having none of that. :oh_no_blob:


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