If you've invested in MSFT you might wanna complain to whoever will listen: Microsoft is unable to send non-volume license customers to a usable customer service portal and is missing out on potentially millions of service/support money they would otherwise recieve. You literally can't open a ticket as a non volume customer in some cases, that's more than 1500 bucks an hour per upsell they're missing out on... also there's no fucking way to get support for your 5 man company, so don't use it


@mycroft Don't even get me started on having to go to eBay to get RDS CALs... you'd think Azure would offer it automatically as an on-demand license pack and then charge it to your bill based on usage, but no.

You'd think Microsoft would sunset their clearinghouse servers in lieu of a global, federated-with-office-365 API for it, but no.

They'd rather miss out on millions in revenue while keeping in place the most antiquated licensing system known to humankind.

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