With Cameo, Only Fans, and now Twitter's Super Follows; it seems that Big Tech is augmenting their advertising system with another monetization dynamic that reframes "you are the product" to "some of you produce value by virtue of your own existence, while the rest of you consume your own kind, and we are the market peddling those invisible social goods."

I have no opinion on the merits or drawbacks as any introduction of supply will lead to demand; but it's intriguing to observe nonetheless.

@oedmarap still, we have the power to ditch them all. Getting involved in that dynamic is optional.


@jalvarez For folks like you and I (and the rest of the tech community) it's obvious.

But I worry about the younger generation; those among them who aren't tech savvy squander their creative juices just consuming content... bringing them closer to becoming a blip in the Gen Z depression/suicidal ideation chart when in their quiet moments they can't find a deep meaning, nor purpose, in their lives.

I guess like the greybeards before me, continual advocacy is our eternal responsibility.

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