When you expect a 'docker-compose.yml' but the maintainer is having none of that. :oh_no_blob:

@oedmarap Do you need a docker compose? Maybe schroot can take care of you here.


@jamesvasile Hey! I actually just posted that image for some mild humor, but now you made me actually visit the `schroot` manpage and I think I'll start to use it almost as much as I use `tmux`. Thanks 🙂

@oedmarap :) I use it a lot to separate data from code. Instead of a docker-compose, I script the setup, and bind mount a data dir on the local filesystem. That lets me throw a new chroot at the same set of data, which means I get nice upgrades and even downgrades and pretty good ability to do backups and move things to other systems. Good luck with your schroot adventures!

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