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What do you call an ecosystem which is both collaborative AND competitive ?
Like internet operators who need bid against eachother for customers but also need to interconnect in order to have anything to provide...

So, Ukrainian government have banned github. Should we expect pump of token? )

It could be used to make tips to content creators in . Like fetching a public key from user profile (which is already available), the use it to encrypt access to some token/ , and finally content creator could use his private key to collect .
At least, admins of self-hosted instances could do that)

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Is it possible for regular user of mastodon instance to retrieve his private key, which is used to sign posts which server sends to other instances?
Do any other activitypub implementations allows to retrieve it?

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Idea how to create instance-independent user accounts. Take existing activitypub Rust implementation (like lemmy or plume) and merge it with identity node based on substrate, like this one github.com/sunshine-protocol/s
This will create decentralized keybase-like network )

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Next time you see a new protocol, github repo, manifesto, or kickstarter for a #distributed social network, post this in the comments, and fire up the popcorn maker:

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Lain Thought on End-To-End Encryption with AP Characteristics for a New Era


What are the tasks of honest nodes of a decentralized system?

Feature-request for
When creating PR, there should be an option to point the music you were listening too, when making changes)
Like this music youtube.com/watch?v=oVWEb-At8y
was used to make this updates

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pubgate: Lightweight ActivityPub federator built to be a CMS like WordPress.

This uses the new Sanic web framework that's built using async IO features in Python 3.5+.

#TIL #sanic #pubgate #activitypub #python

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According to #activitypub spec, server should not cache external content (reactions on external posts etc), same time collecting all external content on the fly, to display timeline, could take a significant amount of time. That's why everyone is caching it on server side. Got an idea that actually client (browser) could permanently cache it at user's device. Any thoughts on this?
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