This is just a test of tooting via the API, please ignore.


This seems to work, hooray! From now on you should get an automated post here for new plugins on the repository and new posts on the octoblog. I've set those posts to "unlisted" to not spam the timeline.

And just in case anyone is interested in how this is set up - I've got a dedicated NodeRED flow for things like this in my local NodeRED installation. Consumes a bunch of RSS feeds, makes sure to only post what it hasn't seen, and then formats & posts items to various outlets - now also including Mastodon.

It's lovely how easy this was thanks to the amazing API docs ( 👍

@octoprint Yay, thanks for that - it really is pretty straightforward to post via the API, and the docs are great (I should note that I haven't tackled the Node-Red part for now, as my poor Pi is in bits right now).

In case anyone else fancies having a go, just follow the instructions at to get your access token and then post a status as outlined here:

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