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Does anybody know in what way two instances aren't federated before any one user follows a user from the other one?

Is it a server-side thing only or does it affect the users in any way?

I mean besides the "public timeline", what other differences are there?

Does anybody know what are the advantages of JSON feeds over Atom or RSS?

If you have a website consider using to look for broken links. It works very well!

(Found out through @en's blog post )

I normally don't link to blog posts here, but I felt like it so here I go!

On not caring about privacy

(I guess this happens in other social networks that I simply don't use, but also I had never messaged people I didn't know in real life on other networks, so there is definitely something different here!)

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A good thing about the fediverse is that a lot of useful content is produced by people who have accounts here, so it is very easy to send a thank you note, ask questions or give suggestions.

No need for email! (Which I find to be too formal for some situations)

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Pro tip: When you are working from home, use to share your notes with all participants.

If you can't host it yourself, feel free to use our cloud, demo, instance. Even when it's a demo instance, it's persistent and should help you to get everyone ready!

#workingFromHome #homeoffice #remoteWorking #CodiMD

What are other FOSS instances that you know?

Is there any way I can see other instances' timelines from my fosstodon account?

Finally set up goaccess so it adds all the information from the last day once logrotate does it's thing and put the output behind a password.

For the first time I documented everything! I need to document how I set up everything else since I didn't do it back in the day. Now I realise it might be helpful in the future if something happens to the server or I change providers.

Self-hosting takes some time to set up, but so far very fun! (Documenting not so much)

I finally have my server running with a website, it also runs gotify and a couple other useful programs.

What are good ways to back it up? Just document how I set up everything?

The content itself isn't what I worry about, I am asking about the setup. I have heard about Ansible but have no idea what it does. Does it solve this problem? Maybe doing something with Docker? (also not very familiar).

Any knowledge welcome! I am a bit lost in this matter.


Do you know any methods to send notification to your phone from a server you are running?

I found which looks great (self-hosted and FOSS!) but I wanted to ask in case you know of anything else I should look into.



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