@tronss Cómo es que usas un proxy para gemini? No es más facil usar un conversor de .gmi a .html y tener la web hosteada en un servidor estático?

La verdad es que no he probado ninguna de las dos, pregunto des de la ignorancia.

@totoroot Are you sure you have the latest version? According to f-droid.org/en/packages/org.sc the latest is 0.21.2

@amolith I have some firefox notifications which also behave differently than any others with dunst. Wjen you say other applications does that include other websites on firefox?

@tronss no hace falta! Pensaba que los perfiles funcionaban diferente. Ahora ya entiendo como lo haces

Si que uso GrapheneOS

@tronss Interesante! Tienes pensado hacer algun artículo al respecto en tu blog?

Moving your blog to a new static site generator or CMS? Try to avoid breaking links. At the very least, if your Atom/RSS feed URLs have changed, set a 301 redirect so feed readers automatically update the URL.

@garritfra related motion: O (insert line above and go into insert mode)

@jamesmullarkey I found your podcast through one of the comments, I liked it and then I saw you had an account on the fediverse :)

Very interesting talk with Tom Hacohen, developer of EteSync and Etebase. Interesting points on end-to-end encrypted services that are user friendly, I'm now looking forward to see what else he develops


@celia I can highly recommend Bromite, which is chrome but "de-googled" and with privacy enhancements (and ad blocking): bromite.org/

@garritfra I would like that (I currently follow a couple of twitter accounts using rss feeds, which is not ideal), but I think it would probably get blocked by twitter, like nitter.net sometimes does.

How do you find new podcasts? Or which podcasts do you recommend? (For any subject really, I just want to explore a bit and have a starting point)

@garritfra curiosity: what was wrong with the last one?

I just discovered AntennaPod, a FOSS app to listen to podcasts. It's very nice and works wonderfully (so far). Check it out if you listen to podcasts!


@garritfra it was unusable for me some minutes ago but it works again :)

@en the video looks very nice, but it should be based on a (hopefully easy) standard that you can implement with any type of hosting service. The IndieWeb with its domain login I think would be a good start to be able to see private posts on a given website.

@neildarlow I just checked joinjabber.org mentioned by @mattj and there is one (that looks very similar to the default Messages iOS app).

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