How do you find new podcasts? Or which podcasts do you recommend? (For any subject really, I just want to explore a bit and have a starting point)

@ob this is something I wrestle with a few times a year. Here's some tips: follow accounts on twitter that share your nest of interests, I get lots of recs from twitter users that discuss topics I'm into - Reddit searches by topic - check trending lists on other services, IE if you use spotify check top podcast lists on Apple/Stitcher - asking fellow users right here on Fosstodon! What are you into?

@ob Here's my list:

I haven't gotten around to updating it in a while now though.

@ob I like the SGU and @aprilorg 's "Libre à Vous" (in french)

@ob There are some extremely good episodes of Joe Rogan podcast

@jamesmullarkey I found your podcast through one of the comments, I liked it and then I saw you had an account on the fediverse :)

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