I created a small script to parse text/gemini files to HTML (to be able to add them to Wallabag). If you are interested, it's here:

It works well with pipes so you can download files and parse them easily from the command line, for example:

echo -ne "gemini://" | ncat --ssl 1965 | tail -n +2 | ./

will output the HTML content (assuming the gemini header is "20 text/gemini").

You can create a shell function to make it simpler:

gmi() {
echo -ne "gemini://$address\r\n" | ncat --ssl $domain 1965 | tail -n +2 | /path/to/

And then call "gmi > file.html". You can also add additional checks for the gemini response code if you want 😃.

@ob ncat! I've been looking for something like ncat for *ages*! In fact, I tried (and failed) to write one. Thanks.

@wizzwizz4 Glad you found it! To be fair, that command is not originally mine, I read it somewhere. It's great to get gemini pages on the command line easily (and now to pipe them to my new script!)

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