@amolith do you know anything about feeds not loading properly on ttrss? Some posts don't appear on "all artciles" unless I specifically go to that feed's page and reload.

It is a bug hard to reproduce since I must know that the person has posted by other means (normally I see it on the fediverse). This happened for instance with @sir's last post. I forgot about it for 2 days and it didn't appear. The moment I refreshed that feed specifically, it worked.

@amolith during those two days, other feeds worked properly

@ob Hm I haven't experienced that but I'll take a look :blobthumbsup:


@amolith for instance, the last post on drew's blog in't showing up, I can't get it to appear on the computer, only after refreshing that feed specificallyon the android app it appears (and then is shown on the vrowser as well)

This is so weird

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