Is there any way to quickly find blogrolls? I only know @kev and @en have one, and that's because they posted about it at a time I was following them.

I find that sometimes I want to follow some more blogs, and blogrolls are a good start to discover new sites, but I don't want to go through all the blogs I follow looking around if they have a blogroll - maybe it's listed on the footer, maybe on the navbar, maybe there isn't a direct link but it exists.


@kev @en

So what I do is hope that those two blogrolls have been updated. Is there a standard "/blogroll" page so I can easily automate looking for blogrolls in the blogs I follow? Or maybe a site listing some? seems a bit outdated.

I might investigate all the blogs I list on my blogroll and see if they have one and link to it next to the RSS link (if you are there, you'll probably want to see more).

Also mine is an example of hard-to-find blogroll, I should fix that

@kev @en Since I have wanted to update my blogroll for some time, I will probably do the link-to-blogroll idea so it's easy to see more lists of blogs to follow when you are looking for them.

Anyway, this was all due to this post where I found a new blogroll which was also due to "right time right place", since it doesn't look very discoverable otherwise. Now I have 3 blogrolls to check out when looking for new blogs :)

@ob @en unfortunately, Blogrolls aren’t really the done thing any more. That’s probably why you’re struggling to find them.

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