Does anybody know a way to get TV show episodes notifications as RSS/Atom feeds? The ideal would be a service with one feed per TV series, and one feed entry per episode (maybe a couple more when news about upcoming seasons come up or the show being cancelled).

I have only found but there is no trial before paying, and I'd like to test it first.

I'm considering doing it myself with this API, but I'd rather just use something that already exists!

@tronss Cómo es que usas un proxy para gemini? No es más facil usar un conversor de .gmi a .html y tener la web hosteada en un servidor estático?

La verdad es que no he probado ninguna de las dos, pregunto des de la ignorancia.

Moving your blog to a new static site generator or CMS? Try to avoid breaking links. At the very least, if your Atom/RSS feed URLs have changed, set a 301 redirect so feed readers automatically update the URL.

Very interesting talk with Tom Hacohen, developer of EteSync and Etebase. Interesting points on end-to-end encrypted services that are user friendly, I'm now looking forward to see what else he develops

How do you find new podcasts? Or which podcasts do you recommend? (For any subject really, I just want to explore a bit and have a starting point)

I just discovered AntennaPod, a FOSS app to listen to podcasts. It's very nice and works wonderfully (so far). Check it out if you listen to podcasts!

What's the catch with ? It is more mature than Matrix and, as far as I know, less resource-hungry, so why is Matrix so recommended? I'm guessing it has more features, but I'm not sure.

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Does ActivityPub support specifing languages on posts? I would like to follow some accounts that write mainly in languages I don't speak (for instance German), and sometimes in English, but I always end up unfollowing because they pollute the timeline too much.

That'd be a nice feature

Migrating password managers has made me realize the absurd amount of passwords I have. Are we really expected to memorize those?

What are good solutions to this? I can think of using client certificates (which ends up being very similar to just having a password managers, and most people wouldn't like the inconvenience) or domain sign in (like on the IndieWeb), but not everyone wants to set up a personal domain—that'd be great though...

You can create a shell function to make it simpler:

gmi() {
echo -ne "gemini://$address\r\n" | ncat --ssl $domain 1965 | tail -n +2 | /path/to/

And then call "gmi > file.html". You can also add additional checks for the gemini response code if you want 😃.

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I created a small script to parse text/gemini files to HTML (to be able to add them to Wallabag). If you are interested, it's here:

It works well with pipes so you can download files and parse them easily from the command line, for example:

echo -ne "gemini://" | ncat --ssl 1965 | tail -n +2 | ./

will output the HTML content (assuming the gemini header is "20 text/gemini").

If I want to subscribe to a blog and it doesn't have a web feed (RSS/Atom), I normally just forget about. Add web feeds!!

However today I really wanted to follow one of such blogs. Luckily I found (first link I found), which seems to work quite well. Maybe it can help you out as well if you are ever on the same position :)

@amolith during those two days, other feeds worked properly

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@amolith do you know anything about feeds not loading properly on ttrss? Some posts don't appear on "all artciles" unless I specifically go to that feed's page and reload.

It is a bug hard to reproduce since I must know that the person has posted by other means (normally I see it on the fediverse). This happened for instance with @sir's last post. I forgot about it for 2 days and it didn't appear. The moment I refreshed that feed specifically, it worked.

Does anyone know a program to design keyboard shortcut cheatsheets?

The output should be something like the top half of this picture:

Without the need of being fancy, just something that shows a keyboard and a word for each key. Bonus points if it can all be configured through plaintext instead of a GUI.


Also, if you like it and think it's worthy, please share it there! I thought it would be good (and the feedback), but it won't allow me to publish because I'm new 😅

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I wrote a post about setting up a minimal Git server with a simple website.

Feedback welcome!

@kev @en Since I have wanted to update my blogroll for some time, I will probably do the link-to-blogroll idea so it's easy to see more lists of blogs to follow when you are looking for them.

Anyway, this was all due to this post where I found a new blogroll which was also due to "right time right place", since it doesn't look very discoverable otherwise. Now I have 3 blogrolls to check out when looking for new blogs :)

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@kev @en

So what I do is hope that those two blogrolls have been updated. Is there a standard "/blogroll" page so I can easily automate looking for blogrolls in the blogs I follow? Or maybe a site listing some? seems a bit outdated.

I might investigate all the blogs I list on my blogroll and see if they have one and link to it next to the RSS link (if you are there, you'll probably want to see more).

Also mine is an example of hard-to-find blogroll, I should fix that

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