If you want to support the project, we have a patron page: patreon.com/fosstodon

If you prefer a one off donation, you can do so via PayPal: paypal.me/fosstodon

If you prefer not to donate at all, that's cool too - we still love having you around.

We may also setup a LibrePay page if people would prefer?

Thanks for the support guys, you're all awesome!

@fosstodon @kev I'm considering running my own instance as well, would love to hear more about your backend setup. I was going to standup everything with terraform in aws, but alas this is a hobby and aws is not cheap.

i'm going to make a donation now, which do you prefer patreon or paypal?

@nynhex @fosstodon that's very kind, thank you. You donate to whichever you prefer, you're the one kind enough to donate.

With regards to hosting. I've run projects in the past and hosting/managing the tin at the backend always sucked the fun out of it. This time I decided to pay for managed hosting.

We're with masto.host (run by @hugo) he's awesome and the stability is rock solid.


@kev @fosstodon @hugo Very cool! I will check this out. I need to do some USD conversions on this :)

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