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Subscribe to the XMPP newsletter, the next one will be published very soon
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Hye, have you thought of subscribing to the XMPP newsletter?
The next one is coming soon

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The XMPP universe is going at full speed this month!

Checkout the newsletter, with lots of software updates and specifications progress... Including a tiny summary of the XMPP Summit!


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Brussels, Belgium this week and week-end:
* XMPP Summit: Thu 30 Fri 31
* FOSDEM: Sat 1st Sun 2nd
** RTC devroom for conferences
** RTC lounge to chill and talk

Come meet us, we want to know your thoughts and experience

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A curated list of amazingly awesome XMPP server, clients, libraries, resources - with focus on security.

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#xmpp with both #server & #client
By Tigase

Highly optimized, extremely modular and very flexible XMPP/Jabber server -


@witchescauldron & @msaunders et al.
Does this meet #4opens spec.?

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Did you know?

XEP stands for XMPP Extension Protocols

Even our standardisation is process is an open standard, and it's opensource!

XEP-0001: XMPP Extension Protocols

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The whole Jabber/XMPP ecosystem is encouraged to maintain a high level of interoperability and compliant modern features with the Compliance Suites.

Clients, servers, components, libraries are moving forward together.


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The first Converse.js stickers have arrived in the mail.

Look out for these at the real-time lounge at FOSDEM next year.

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XMPP offers an optional Message Archive Management (MAM):
* Store your chat messages and files
* Search your archive
* Query your message history
* Synchronise data across multiple apps
* Scroll infinitely in your past conversations


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The December XMPP/Jabber newsletter is out!
"XMPP in all languages! 03 Dec 2019"
Read it online, or subscribe to receive it in your inbox!

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Did you know?

OMEMO is multi-client end-to-end encryption for XMPP/Jabber.

It uses the Double Ratchet Algorithm, like in FB Messenger, Riot, Signal, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Wire...

It offers future and forward secrecy and deniability with message synchronization and offline delivery.


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The XSF will join the FOSDEM in 2020 once again!
This will be in Brussels, Belgium, on Sat 1st and Sun 2nd Feb.

There will be a Real Time Communications devroom, as well as our beloved Realtime Lounge.

Prior to the FOSDEM, we organise the XMPP Summit.
Thu 30th and Fri 31st Feb.


Please send us your thoughts: where do you want XMPP to go in the next years?

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2019 has seen a lot of XMPP/Jabber developers Sprints across Europe.


Brussels in January, Berlin in March, Karlsruhe in May, The Hague in June, Lyon in July, Stockholm in September

It has been a huge success, and the trend is going on.

We encourage and support local communities in the organisation of such events.

Spread the word: organise an XMPP Sprint in your city!

Il est temps de prévenir les risques sur les noms de domaines en ".ORG", le gestionnaire ayant été racheté par un fonds d'investissement, or une part significative des .org représente les fondations et associations...

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The XMPP newsletter is an open community process:


* Link collection
* Copywriting
* Sending the newsletter in your inbox
* Posting the newsletter on the XSF blog and on social networks
* Translating

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Call for XMPP/Jabber content!

We have now started to work on the next XMPP newsletter.

We still accept news and articles this week: end of submission on Fri 29th Nov.

It is that time of the month to write and publish...

Please relay this call!

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