Okay Fediverse I want to get to know you. Social media only works with friends. Hit me up and let's chat about whatever! Nothing is off the table. Feel free to reshare this.

@nwarburton I found fedi suits me better because I have no friends 😪

@nwarburton What do you like about open source software? What don't you like?

I like the transparency of it, and communities that form around it. It's empowering. I don't like that it often doesn't have the support or resources of closed-source. And I wish there was a bit more consensus in getting the word out about the benefits, or getting one project to a really great place then working on another one, in sprints.

@nwarburton I agree with those points. It seems hard to make a business model around open source. And when a company does profit well from it, there are always people in the community that get self righteous and scoff at the company.

Right? People get so bent out of shape when a free service or app doesn't have all the features they want.

@nwarburton @greypilgrim I feel very similar. It's great how much has been accomplished through OSS, but at the same time I've also noticed the amount of projects that just drop off of the map due to lack of support. It seems with how many similar projects there are the support gets stretched quite thin rather than joining forces. Might be a case of "Too many hats"?

@greypilgrim @nwarburton What I don't like about Open Source is the real effort and knowledge it takes to make the switch.
What I like is, once you make such effort and learn such knowledge, you get far more than the benefits of open source itself has. Determination, empowerment, sense of community and the will to support it.

@nwarburton I feel something similar. As a new member in mastodon, it's not easy (or not a quick action) to find people, with whom the sphere of interest is similar.

@nwarburton Welcome ! and enjoy a place ... maybe better than the blue bird.

Wait for #followfriday or #ff to get accounts to follow :)

How is to work at @system76 ?

@hyde Hi! Thanks. :) So, do people just post those hastags to get more followers?
And working at Sys76 is amazing. Really great, passionate people. Every day is Nerd Christmas (or equivalent holiday).

@nwarburton to get and to let you know some interesting people to check.

I guess it is ! I'm considering to buy one maybe when my current x1 carbon die... but so far it still works except some freezing due to intel cards. 😡

What I would love is to have a dvorak layout directly on your laptops ! I would even pay an extra for that !

@hyde Those X1s seem to be pretty hardy! It's a shame Lenovo had so many issues with spam/spyware.
And I hear you on the keyboard. I don't use Dvorak myself, but one of my coworkers does. I think it's something we'd like to offer but...logistics.
You can change the layout ot Dvorak in software though.

@nwarburton Yeah they work really well. I have the 3rd generation rom 2015 and it still works well.

I know that's how I use my dvorak configuration 😉

Anyway welcome to #mastodon

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