We are happy to announce that Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) mozilla.org/en-US/moss/ has again approved funding for Nuspell to develop version 3. This will extended and faster functionality and integrate with Firefox. For more information, see our roadmap nuspell.github.io/roadmap.html

For the build process of Nuspell version 2.2 we have migrated to CMake from Kitware. This speeds up our build but also eases porting, packaging, cross-compilation and IDE support. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMake

@fosdem got started under a nice layer of snow. Interesting booths from @mozilla, Apache Software Foundation and many more. Looking forward to the talks this year. Check out our lightning talk on Sunday at 11:00.

We will give a lightning talk called "Nuspell: the new spell checker" at @fosdem in Brussels. Join us on Sunday February 3, 2019, from 11:00 until 11:15 in room H.2215 (Ferrer). For more information, see fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event

With the help of Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) mozilla.org/en-US/moss/ we have been able to create version 2.0 of Nuspell github.com/nuspell/nuspell/rel Thanks go to MOSS and the people currently and previously running this award program.


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