For the build process of Nuspell version 2.2 we have migrated to CMake from Kitware. This speeds up our build but also eases porting, packaging, cross-compilation and IDE support.

@fosdem got started under a nice layer of snow. Interesting booths from @mozilla, Apache Software Foundation and many more. Looking forward to the talks this year. Check out our lightning talk on Sunday at 11:00.

We will give a lightning talk called "Nuspell: the new spell checker" at @fosdem in Brussels. Join us on Sunday February 3, 2019, from 11:00 until 11:15 in room H.2215 (Ferrer). For more information, see

With the help of Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) we have been able to create version 2.0 of Nuspell Thanks go to MOSS and the people currently and previously running this award program.


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