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There will be a planned maintenance in 15 mins. No power = Downtime.
Following sites will be inaccessible during the outage. and sub domains.

This is great!

Greatest Battle OST's of All Time: Enfin Apparu

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Instagram Import Status

✅ - PR created (

✅ - Deployed & Tested (

This is actually happening 🥳 boosted

Instagram Import has been successfully tested in production!

The beta will be available within the hour on supported instances.

#pixelfed #instagramImport

Working on the Ghost blog! Restoration is underway. boosted

@null0x0 I took fotos on the way in to document all their dark patterns and I'll make a page and put it up somewhere on my server. Still documenting all the minefields. A normal user doesn't stand a chance against these marketing assholes. boosted boosted

DMs, Circles, Instagram Import, MicroUI & S3 Support have been in development for a while.

They will ship as beta features this week on supported instances!

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Sexualisation of women 

Sexualisation of women isn't just a problem because "woman hot, why not man hot too? Both hot is good".

We *need* media where women are just people without being sexualised. Sexualising everyone all the time wouldn't solve the problem.

Women (or people perceived as women) need to be given space to just be themselves without being someone's sexual object. The problem with the prevelace of sexualisation of women is women not being seen as whole people, but sexual objects. boosted

LibTorrent about webrtc:

"Implementation-wise it's finished, it could be merged after reviews and bump to C++17."

🦀qbittorrent is getting webtorrent support🦀 boosted boosted

"we have decided to stop providing our service on and starting June 30, 2020." boosted

We've reached 500 followers on @Mastodon!Thank you for your interest in Nitrokey! We keep you posted. Exciting times ahead. :)

#opensource #cybersecurity

The best feeling in the world is when you receive payment for a "help" that you did just for the sake of it not expecting anything in return but thanks 😊.

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Hi, I see that you don't have profile bio info filled up, I have kept my profile private so that it can be free from bots. If you can reply to this message then I can follow back and accept your follow request.

Thank you.

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