Lol I got tagged into a thread where a person was spreading misinformation about COVID and conspiracy theories around it.

Screenshot for context.


I personally have experienced the effect of Covid because some of my distant relatives got it and thankfully recovered.
Just because you can't see it or understand science you can't ignore the situation and spread bullshit.


Maintenance and Upgrade was a success.

GTX650 had to be patched for UEFI vBios support.

Proxmox VE Host now has a GPU and a Windows 10 VM for light gaming and Windows App testing.

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Ubuntu 20.04 Diskless install with pxe boot and nfs file storage.
The client machine runs on Intel Pentium Dual core E5700 CPU, 6GB RAM and no HDD.
Server is a VM with 2GB RAM and 2vCPUs.

Any app or service that doesn't let you delete account from the dashboard is inherently worse than its competitors.

I signed up for this app because of my friends wanted me to make a simple UX flow diagram, and he got this app (which is advertised as free) but has severe limits on what you can do in free plan — fair enough that is besides my point.
The problem is that this application doesn't have the tools I need or the features, so I don't need an account.


IRC on yggdrasil connected using Hexchat client on Windows.

I booted my HP DL360G5 after few months and you can see the power consumption below.

Room is very hot. :ac_distress:


This is what happens if I try my Debit card for International transactions!

I want to kill myself sometimes!

I can't use my money the way I want unless I have bigger balance(Premier Customer) or a Credit card!

Fuck you RBI!

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