I booted my HP DL360G5 after few months and you can see the power consumption below.

Room is very hot. :ac_distress:


This is what happens if I try my Debit card for International transactions!

I want to kill myself sometimes!

I can't use my money the way I want unless I have bigger balance(Premier Customer) or a Credit card!

Fuck you RBI!

Made with Huion Sketch app Android.
It's responsive, simple to use and setup.

Graphic tablet is working fine!
Need to practice hand eye coordination and also get my attention span back up lol.
Watching videos, Playing games and less time exercising has reduced my attention span :P.

Huion is affordable and better than Wacom :P

Emailed a Gamepad manufacturer who had an RMA portal which didn't support HTTPS i.e. No secure connection supported while they process your valuable info on that site.

Name: Ant ESports (Brand)
Acro Engineering Company



I have modified the option to allow install from anywhere but the default is this.

> M$ Store only.

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Nice this is the future of M$. Forcing you to use M$ Store by default.

Barrier is Symless Fork which just works™️

Try it out its amazing.

Use one Keyboard and Mouse across desktops.


>> Open-source KVM software

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