R.I.P OP3T display looks a bit weird. :ac_sheepish:
That's Google Meet app btw :ac_smirk: :antiverified: :ac_shy:


Will be attending my friends wedding I hope I am looking fine with long hair, It will be my first event with long hair :ac_delight:

Upgraded my system to PopOs 20.10 and now I have an option to setup custom scaling yay! it works perfectly :D

Testing OpenWRT on x64/x86
So far it's detecting the network interfaces and running without issues.

I am using a Memory card w/ USB Card reader.

Lol I got tagged into a thread where a person was spreading misinformation about COVID and conspiracy theories around it.


Screenshot for context.


I personally have experienced the effect of Covid because some of my distant relatives got it and thankfully recovered.
Just because you can't see it or understand science you can't ignore the situation and spread bullshit.


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