Went to a new psychiatrist for a fresh diagnosis and they gave me medication for bipolar but pushed back on disclosing what they diagnosed.
they don't want to tell me what I am going through

the medicine has made me high! weeeeee weeeeeeeee

they know, they do it intentionally 😶.

I am doing yoga sessions, which is helping me.

they have me SSRI and mod stabilizer.


I will probably trust a yogi more than a doctor now.

Trust and transparency is a must.

I've always been a nervous nellie and afraid of heights - but I always thought of it as Normal to be afraid of falling! I had to force myself to e.g. climb antennae masts.
Earlier this year I did a very strict keto diet to help with alcohol. Actual result was it Did change my brain chemistry such that I needed SSRI for extreme anxiety; i was unable to drive! A week worth of SSRI and a normal diet chock with carbs and the condition went away. Well, back to what is normal for me anyhow.

@Gemlog For me polarity has reduced with yoga and the practice of being one with what I am in the current moment. I still feel part of my mind is resisting this reality and rejecting all the work I am doing. I am now only held back by that part of my mind. medication should help with that and in time I will also have same experience as you.

I very much hope so for you!
Are you getting much work? Still living on euro time mostly?
Also, how is covid in TN in general and chennai in particular?

I am now living mostly in Indian time! my work has been recovering and is on track to be better than pre COVID days. I am also open to newer opportunities. TN has cases but everything is open now, very few restrictions. I also got fully vaccinated so vaccination is been done pretty much every where, some places it's free and some paid.

Excellent! And your mother's new job is still going well?
Really, on balance, it seems most things are going well.


my mom is at home, she is fine now but I don't want to push her. I and my bro can handle for now. 😊

@Gemlog I am very afraid of death, and anxiety of heights goes away when I am suicidal. I avoid heights for that reason 😉

No, only the desired effect of relieving my anxiety, so I could drive home - I was ~1,000km away from home! I only took them for a week and then stopped. I still have what remains of a 30 day supply. When I began eating normally again instead of keto, the problem went away; I went back to what is normal anxious for me :-)
Interesting that a change in diet could do that though.

I am feeling weird. it's hard to put it in words. I had to switch to liquid and banana diet today.

I just looked this up. It said a temporary effect when you first start is loss of appetite, BUT then it said that subsides and you get moar appetite and often a bit of weight gain! So it will pass by the sounds of it.

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