@null0x0 You can also use free stuff, such as FOSS, CC-BY music and books, and so on.

And then give the money you decide, not the money they want you to pay.

@qualcu yeah! that's way better than drm restricted mess.

@null0x0 This is the same dickhead who thinks it's perfectly okay for giant corporations to delete your stuff because you hosted it on their servers, or something.

@cowanon who? xkcd? Can you post link to the xkcd mentioning that?

@null0x0 I wouldn't know what to websearch for locating that specific comic of his.

@null0x0 Buying is like pirating with extra steps 🤷‍♂️

@null0x0 I recommend buying second hand CDs and create a security copy in FLACs. Thats good against waste, keeps the same original best quality, is cheap and promotes longlivety of hq products.

@dukethereal where I live it's not possible to get CDs anymore.
I listen to music on YouTube Premium.

@null0x0 As I speak about second hand you don't have 2👋 shops or 2👋 portals in your country? Second hand you can buy things which appeared from regular stores long time ago. You can also sell stuff instead of throwing them away. Digital media keeps its original information after usage so there is no sense in buying new products. You can also buy clothes and you will see you get higher quality clothes for less money, saving production costs and maybe even exploitation.

@dukethereal as for clothes, pc and electronics yes! for CD/DVD it's not. but I agree with repurposing old or purchasing used items it does make things affordable and reduces waste.

@null0x0 This is also a good reason to buy music on bandcamp.

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