What the fuck! One of my client is threatening me to work with him. If he can't pay and respect my work why would I provide my service.

I built his site and only charged him for website(very low price, I was a n00b back in 2018) I realised that he was using me to solve a lot of his problems for free(yes free) so I confronted him and told him that I wouldn't work/provide my services to him because he is not respecting our business relationship (1/2)


and nor valuing our services and cut ties with him. Today he called me from a new number and threatened me over call that he would send some thugs to my house if I don't work for him.

The saga will continue, I will try to keep you posted).

@null0x0 Ugh. Next time record his threat and file a complaint.

@thumb I have recorded the conversation. I will escalate it as needed. Yes I agree

I would go to the police NOW to make a complain and ask a restraining order against that individual.

@rob @thumb I am evaluating the option. I wish it would be simple.

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