What the fuck! One of my client is threatening me to work with him. If he can't pay and respect my work why would I provide my service.

I built his site and only charged him for website(very low price, I was a n00b back in 2018) I realised that he was using me to solve a lot of his problems for free(yes free) so I confronted him and told him that I wouldn't work/provide my services to him because he is not respecting our business relationship (1/2)

and nor valuing our services and cut ties with him. Today he called me from a new number and threatened me over call that he would send some thugs to my house if I don't work for him.

The saga will continue, I will try to keep you posted).

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I was able to get in touch with another executive for the company and explained the situation to them. They tried to talk down on me but I managed to point out the fact that threatening is not right and they should look elsewhere as I won't provide my services to them. They tried to nudge me by saying I was loosing a valuable customer and a good business by not serving them but I just said ok and didn't care.
Anyways I will keep my eyes and ears open and will verify clients in future.

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@null0x0 Ugh. Next time record his threat and file a complaint.

@thumb I have recorded the conversation. I will escalate it as needed. Yes I agree

I would go to the police NOW to make a complain and ask a restraining order against that individual.

@rob @thumb I am evaluating the option. I wish it would be simple.

I don't think its a valubal customer if they don't even pay. Thats a terribel one

@Twelve ya, especially when they boast about future project valuations but don't payout swiftly or value the service provided.

@null0x0 glad that ended relatively well considering. Hope you find better clients in the future

Yes, I have learnt a valuable lesson, I will definitely vet the character of the client and also due more diligence when working with new clients.

I wish for you that they leave it at that!

In my country, small companies (or self-employed people) when starting an order for a new customer, will ask for a deposit, like 20% of the contract before beginning work. A self-employed graphics artist working for us asks to be paid in full in 1 or 2 weeks. Businesses offer a discount on the invoice if the customer pays sooner. A few % if paid no later than 10 days.

When I wrote "working for us", I meant working for my employer. I'm no business person!

@normandc yeah, I don't hold any payment from them. I was evaluating the job and decided not to take the job. They insisted that I do which meant I was more inclined to decline lol. And we'll I did decline it. I always give 100% control of all properties to client and only charge full rate for the work, they own the domain, website hosting etc and wanted me to manage it for no cost lol or at a very low cost. I am paid well by other clients and I realise that I don't have to consider their work.

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