I got my friend to teach me some JAVA! And his workflow as a programmer and I realize how skillful and hardworking he is.


He is a very good teacher.


Hehe! I don't like JAVA but I like to know how people roll with it :)

@null0x0 Don't I know it. But just delete if off any desktop windows pc. It's pointless. Only good for playing games at work and a security hole big enough to drive a truck through.

@gemlog @null0x0 With modern IDEs the verbosity doesn't matter much. Code can be auto generated and auto completed.

IMHO the worst of Java is also the best: pure Object Oriented Programming. It often forces unnecessary separation of logic. However it is also the highlight of the language because it encourages consistent code structure.

Either way, Java is a great too to have in your toolbelt!

@Zambyte @gemlog

I am a Sysadmin but I like to know how things work so I know how to think when it comes to fixing messy systems. Especially web applications ;)

Here's some Good News:
Just admitting ignorance and asking for advice puts you about ten years older in maturity than I know you to be in real life.
People love to share their knowledge when you simply ask for it.

@gemlog @Zambyte
Yes, I was wondering if he would say yes but he did haha!

@gemlog @Zambyte

I have good mentors who want me to question everything and don't feel the need to make be belive otherwise! Sometimes it's best to accept what you don't know rather than trying and making it worse.
Btw time to sketch!


There is something I've finally accepted that I have zero talent for. How is that sketchpad you got? Are you using krita?


Yes I have checked a few comics, No, because of lockdown(second) in our district no one is hiring yet.

@null0x0 Mais il a des enseignements ! C'est ce que je voulais dire.

@null0x0 yeah, I noticed the other day they locked down chennai harder.

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