This is what happens if I try my Debit card for International transactions!

I want to kill myself sometimes!

I can't use my money the way I want unless I have bigger balance(Premier Customer) or a Credit card!

Fuck you RBI!

@null0x0 RBI are a bunch shitheads remember their dogma on crypto? Thankfully our SC did it’s job that time


Yes! I can't use crypto too because I can't purchase it.


Yes, They enforced it without proper guidance, transparency fuck them!

Now no crypto platform wants to do business here! So I guess they are successful.

@null0x0 This makes livretarianism kinda understandable, government (and it’s agencies) have no right to enforce arbitary will


I think so govt reflects the average persons negligence and influence of the affluent class very well.

When I speak with my rich friends they are not aware of this because they are not affected and the contrary is true i.e. normal layman is too busy working to earn a living.

:ac_distress: :blobthinkingeyes:

@null0x0 government intervention like this makes ‘capitalism’ worse rather than helping

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