Barrier is Symless Fork which just works™️

Try it out its amazing.

Use one Keyboard and Mouse across desktops.

>> Open-source KVM software

@null0x0 Is this a good alternative to synergy? (the open source and original software from symless before they became a bussiness)

@fmartingr symless = synergy and yes it's a fork and works like a charm :ac_flourish:

@null0x0 And it's even in the community packages for Arch Linux, god do I love Arch. Thanks for the info, will check that out soonish :)

Yes it's available for a wide range of nixes.

@null0x0 I have used Synergy (the thing it was forked from) on and off for years.
I see that Barrier is packaged for my distro and I'll give it a shot at some point.
Because I'm on X11, I usually just run a program remotely and have the window show up on my main box.

@gemlog one thing I have noticed is that sometimes you have to quit and restart app to configure it properly.

I used to have a Synergy install on my Desktop and wrote a guide a few years back on how to get the opensource builds of it.

@null0x0 Until just now, I didn't even know it was a company behind it!



They used to run a few promos on LTT(Linus Tech Tips) and It was a success I guess as I wouldn't have known about this software without it.

@null0x0 Well now I wonder if I always used the same thing. I remember using it (or something very like it) in about 2005-6. I had a monitor on another box that was just doing tail -f x.log y.log z.log and piped to a piece of perl colourizing key words. When some bot/kiddy started pounding on a site I would reach up, cp the ip and then paste it into a bash shell with an iptables loop for DROP.
If it got repetive I'd just ban whole ranges. China, brazil, russia...

@gemlog hahaha! It's easier to ban country if most bots originate from the IP range of that country.

Nowadays cloudflare offers the same but with polished interface and enterprise customers.

@null0x0 I'd rather avoid things like cloudflare and rely on myself.


I agree! Just wanted to point out alternative that's widely adopted now a days instead of doing it directly and learning the process. I like your way more :ac_agreement:

@null0x0 Well, I'm not prescient by any means. I think it was also back about 2006(?) that I turned on cloudflare for a few websites to check it out. I can't remember now what they did to upset me, but I got rid of it. I think they broke my live video streaming of conventions, but I'm not sure.
Anyhow, these days CF is known as "...a man in the middle attack marketing itself as DDoS protection."
Bear in mind that in 2006 I didn't even think goog was evil and fb/twit wasn't a thing really.

@gemlog for me Cflare is a dns manager that's all no protection no mitm.

@null0x0 By definition cf has access to the unencrypted traffic and they are in the middle. Therefore anyone with access to cf itself and including cf is a defacto man in the middle. Using the word 'attack' was incorrect, because servers deploy them on purpose as a convenience, but they destroy tls anyhow just by existing and however much they bend to governments - I won't use them. It's an opt-in mitm in that way.

Oh, I need to check this out!!! Been having two keyboards and two mice on my desk since working at home with work's PC. I was looking at getting a KVM switch...

@normandc You won't need one if this fits your usecase.

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